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Hey SBMS Students…Looking to spend MORE time with friends?

Don’t wait another second… boy and snake.jpg

kids-running.jpgGrab a friend and head to the LMC where you and your buddy can find countless options for adventures you can embark on together… READING!  Many of our multiple copy books are displayed throughout the FICTION section of the LMC for easy access. Don’t wait another second!  Come on in and let your journey begin!  What a great excuse to spend extra time with your friends…And it doesn’t have to end there…Here are some great ways to engage in productive and enriching interactive literacy experiences with your book buddy or buddies…

cupcake-pink-brown-wt.gifBake a treat mentioned in the book!  You and your buddy could research a recipe online that sounds similar and exchange ideas and predictions about the story while you enjoy your treats!

Meet at the LMC during your lunch period and bring another friend along… The more the merrier!  This would be a great time to swap thoughts about the book, ask each other questions and entice another prospective reader to check out the book you are reading!

Skype!  iChat! Instant Message! Email!  If you and your book buddy have busy schedules, don’t fret!  You could hold your “book club meetings” through “face-time” if you both have this technology available at home!  If not, you could have live chat via instant message or you could do a basic email exchange. 

dj_b2school_beepencil_c.jpgRemember…Reading and Writing go hand-in-hand so keep a journal!  It is a great idea to log your own thoughts while you read and then to reflect upon your reading and book chats with your buddy or buddies!  Keep track of the books you have read and even make a WISH LIST of books you wish to read with a friend in the future!

Here are some ideas for questions to consider during your book chats but of course, you could come up with your own that are unique to your book selection too:

girl-reading1.jpgHow do you feel about our book choice so far? How does the story make you feel when you are reading it…Are you anxious to see what happens next?  What do you predict is going to happen next? Which character is your favorite so far?  Have your feelings changed about the story since the last time we met?  Is there anything that you are unsure about?  Do you have any questions about the context or content of the story?   What should our goal be for how much to read before we “meet” again? 

At your final book chat, share your overall thoughts about the experience.  This would be the perfect time to post a recommendation/review for the book in Destiny Quest too!  Don’t forget to log your final thoughts in your journal!  Be sure to have your next book selection ready to read so you can indulge in this enriching experience all over again!  ENJOY and be proud of yourself for choosing to participate in an activity that will no doubt reward you in endless ways as you nurture your own journey as a lifelong learner! 


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Mrs. Kelly Hostinsky

Technology & Reading Specialist

Stone Bridge Middle School Library Media Center


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