Bus Evacuation Drills

Just in case, your child, a “walker”,
tells you that she was on the bus this morning, please note the following:


We conducted bus evacuation
drills this morning for ALL students
in the school.  In the past, these drills
involved only those children who rode the buses daily. Recently, the state
mandated new procedures that require school districts to include all children
in the drills since there are likely to be instances, for example, field trips,
when these children, “the walkers”, will be riding the buses as well.

 For those
children who regularly ride the buses
, the bus
drivers conducted the emergency drill on the buses after they arrived at school
and before discharging the children

 For those
children who do not regularly ride the buses
, a staff member escorted the children by grade to the bus for the

The drills were brief but an
essential and required safety procedure.

Read Across America

Dr Suess 011a.jpg

What a fun day!  Today was Read Across America Day a celebration of reading held on the
birthday of that wonderful master of storytelling, Dr. Seuss. And, of course, who
came to celebrate the day with us – the delightful, enchanting and always
charming, Cat in the Hat.

The bulletin boards were bursting
with all kinds of displays about books, children and teachers nonchalantly walked
around in their pajamas, and giant red and white top hats bobbed over heads
everywhere. Our famous visitor, the Cat in the Hat, pranced into every class and
read a story to the children; I had the privilege of reading a book to Ms.Walgren’s second grade class. As a special treat, a group of high school
students came to the Media Center and read aloud to the kindergarten children.   All in all – a memorable day in the life of
an elementary school.

Thank you to our resident Cat, Ms.
Carolina Concepcion; our Cat’s advance person Mr. Michael Rowley; our media
specialists  Ms. Kimee Moore (Newell ES) and
Ms. Yvonne VanHise (Allentown HS); and, to all our staff and parent volunteers
who joined in the fun to highlight the joy of reading for our children.

We want our children to become enthusiastic,
eager readers. Today is one step to that goal.

And the Nominations Are . . .

Do you know an excellent
teacher?  Has your child experienced an extraordinary
teacher?  Over the years, I am sure that
we can all say “Yes, I know such teachers and they have truly made a
difference.”   Now is the time to
recognize these teachers.

 Currently, there are two opportunities to
recognize excellent teachers

  (1)  Monmouth
County Teacher Recognition Award – Given by Monmouth County

There are no specific
applications for the Monmouth County Award; instead, you are asked to submit
letters of nomination and give them to Mrs. Joan West, our school secretary, in the Main Office. You may simply want to duplicate the application for the
award below and submit it to both entities. More information about this award is on our district website. Nominations for this award can be made by
parents, self, staff, students, and community members.

Due Date: 
Friday, March 11

  (2) The Phoebe Hearst Outstanding Educator Award
– A National PTA Excellence in Education Award – Given by the UFRPTA

 Applications for the Phoebe
Hearst Award will be sent home by our PTA in backpacks this Friday.  They will also be available on our website,
in the Main Office, and given out to parents at the Spring PT Conferences this week.
Nominations should be submitted to the PTA via mailbox or email.  Nominations for this award can be made by
parents only.

 Due Date: Friday, March 25

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


We know how busy you are so why
not write one nomination and use it twice!

When the nominations are
collected, will yours be there?



A First Grade Staff – 100 Years Young

you noticed an unusual number of children lugging projects into school
lately?  I have and each one has been more excited than the next to tell
me about his or her project. The school is awash in 100 Days Projects. 
They are on display everywhere in classrooms and on hall bulletin
boards.  Next time you are in the building, check our bulletin boards, enjoy our children’s creative work, and, think about all the learning
involved in each project.

But, first, look below and admire our 100 years young and energetic first grade staff !

100 002.jpg


First Graders Meet the Masters

Have you asked your first grader about Degas or Cezanne or perhaps Matisse?  If you do, I think you will be surprised by how much they know about these artists.  Each week in February, our first graders are learning about these artists by examining one or more of their pieces.  Today, I was fortunate to see Mrs. Debbi McCormick, a parent volunteer in our Meet the Artist program, lead the session on Matisse. The children were examining “Icarus” and learning about the myth as well as the painting.  Last week, they did Cezanne, the week before Degas, and Georgia O’Keefe is coming up.  Here’s Mrs. McCormick standing by “Icarus” by Matisse.



Meet the Artist.JPG




Young Audiences Comes to Newell

Yesterday we had a special treat, a wonderful Young Audiences performance,
which fused dance, story and drama to teach about African dance and culture. It
involved three very talented artist-educators who performed individually and as
a group. Their energy was contagious and the children loved it. Moreover, the
children got to perform as well, some even got to go on stage.  Ask your children to tell you about it. Thank you PTA!


Family Bingo Night

Friday Night was Family Bingo Night.  It was lots of fun.  Children, teachers, and parents played the game enthusiastically, eager to yell, “Bingo!” and win some of the prizes on display.  Every child walked away with a prize. It was a great family affair and evidence of the family atmosphere in this district.