NES Pajama Project

February 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

In an effort to help promote our CARES curriculum, and an understanding of empathy (understanding the

Lauren and Mackenzie Multari (Lala and Mimi) are currently eighth graders at Reynolds Middle School in Hamilton.  They have been helping children in need since they were in kindergarten via their Pajama Project. This past year,  Lala and Mimi sent 2,169 pair of pajamas to children in need. We collected 329 right here during last year’s pajama drive at our school.  

This year, Newell Elementary School will be collecting new pajamas during the week of February 4th-8th and will culminate with a pajama dance party during all of the lunches on February 8th, which will be attended by Lala and Mimi!  Our goal is to collect ONE more pair of pajamas than we did last year.

What sizes do they need?  What seasons? – They are currently requesting donations from sizes 5/6 to 14/16 (they have tons of infant/toddler pajamas right now).  THEY CAN BE FROM ANY SEASON.

We encourage you to visit these websites to help you learn more about Lala & Mimi’s Pajama Project.

We look forward to having your children participate in community service in a very fun and exciting way and to learn about empathy.

Thank you in advance,

The NES CARES Committee.

NES TEacher of the Year Nominees…

Dear NES Family,

Congratulations to the following Newell Elementary School teachers who have been nominated for Teacher of the Year. As I referenced in my announcement, NES is the BEST place to learn and grow because of these dedicated and talented educators. We are fortunate to have them on our team! These are educators who inspire, lead, learn and care. You are THE BEST!

A Very Special Congratulations To….Mrs. Fanning, Mrs. Graham, Mr. Wiederspan, Ms. Ingargiola, Mrs. Downs, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Rosenberger!

Important Reminders Regarding Student Arrival

Important Reminders Regarding Student Arrival
November 2018

This a reminder that student arrival time begins at 8:45 each morning. If you are using the parent drop off area, please be sure of 6 important things…

1. You are dropping your child off between 8:45 and 8:58. You may not drop your child off after 8:58 and/or if gate is closed and security is walking down the path towards the school. Your child is considered late at this point and you must sign them in through the office. We do not want students and/or parents running down the path for safety reasons.

2. Please pull all the way forward to the STOP sign when dropping off and be sure children are exiting the vehicle curbside, not driver side. This will allow the drivers behind you to utilize the entire curbside drop-off location.

3. Please do not drop off children by the crosswalk or anywhere along the curbside area and wait/watch your child walk down the path.This area is meant for drop and go only. If you would like to watch your child walk the path, please park in a designated parking space.

4. Children must be in the building at the time the bell rings, 9:00AM.

5. If the time is 8:59 or later, you must pull to the front lot, walk your child to the main office to sign them in late for school.

6. Please only use the designated crosswalk area when crossing in the parking lot.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these procedures. Please know that they are in place for the safety of our children and families. Please feel free to call the Main Office with any questions.

Thank you,
Kelly Huggins

NES Celebrates Dr. Fitzpatrick Day & Thank You Day…

NES held a special school-wide Clap Out this afternoon honoring Dr. Fitzpatrick and his time and dedication to the Upper Freehold Regional School District. All students and staff stood in the halls of NES while music played, applauding Dr. Fitzpatrick as he strolled each and every hall. Dr. Fitzpatrick has certainly left his mark on Newell Elementary School by always putting children first.

Thank you, Dr. Fitzpatrick for helping to make NES the special place that it is today!

The students of NES also had a special THANK YOU activity in which they wrote a brief Thank You note to any staff member who has made a difference in their lives. This was a great way to kick-off our Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our NES families!

NES Celebrates Red Ribbon Week…

Red Ribbon Week
During October each year (October 22-26 this year), we celebrate Red Ribbon Week to teach children the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Students will be asked to show their enthusiasm by participating in the following:

Monday (Oct. 22): “Wear RED for a healthy heart!”
(Wear RED)

Tuesday (Oct. 23): “Team Up to Make Healthy Choices!” (Wear your
favorite team gear!)

Wednesday (October 24): Saying YES to good health is NO SWEAT!”
(Wear your sweats!)

Thursday (Oct. 25): “I’m a Jean-ius, I’m healthy as can be”
(Wear your jeans!)

Friday (Oct. 26): “Newell Elementary CARES about making healthy choices”
(Wear your class shirt, CARES gear, or NES clothing!)

NES Halloween Information

Important Halloween Information

October 18, 2018
Dear Parents,
On Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Newell Elementary School will hold various festivities in celebration of Halloween. Please read this notice carefully, as some grades will be participating in a parade and class party, while other grade levels will be participating in a class party only. Also included in this letter are guidelines to use/follow when putting together your child’s costume. Please review the guidelines in our Managing Life-Threatening Food Allergies Policy, which encourages parents to refrain from sending in any form of peanut product for snack, lunch and special class parties/activities. This policy can be found on our school website. Please keep in mind that we want this day to be enjoyable and safe for everyone. Lastly, October 31st is an early dismissal day. Full day Pre-K, complement kindergarten, and grades 1-4 are dismissed at 1:20 PM. AM kindergarten dismisses at 10:40 AM.

Schedule of Events/Festivities

Full Day Pre-K, AM Kindergarten, Kindergarten Complement, 1st and 2nd grades will be participating in our Halloween Parade – Start Time 9:45 A.M
We are asking parents to abide by the schedule below in order to view the student parade. Please also take time to review the parade route below. Please remember that videos and pictures can only be used for home viewing purposes and may not be placed on the internet for any reason. Following the parade, grade levels will begin to have their class parties. For safety reasons, only parent volunteers who have been notified by the classroom teacher as assisting with the class party on that day will be the only adults permitted in the building. All Parent Volunteers must report to the Main Office Foyer to sign in and receive a party pass. Please remember that all class parties are limited to parent volunteers only and we ask that siblings not attend.

Parade Route – Playground Blacktop Area
We will use the playground blacktop area for our students to safely parade around the entire square of blacktop.
We ask parents to stand in our playground field only. Please do not stand along the sidewalk and/or the blacktop as these two areas need to be clear and visible for our students to safely move about. Our parade will begin with our Pre-K classes leading the way and ending with our 2nd grade classes.
****Parade will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.*****

Classroom Party—For 3rd and 4th Grade
3rd and 4th grade will be participating in classroom parties at various times throughout the day. For safety reasons, only parent volunteers who have been notified by the classroom teacher as assisting with the class party on that day will be the only adults permitted in the building. All Parent Volunteers must report to the Main Office Foyer to sign in and receive a “Volunteer” pass. Please remember that all class parties are limited to parent volunteers only and ask that siblings not attend.

Halloween Costume Guidelines
We ask for your cooperation regarding the following costume guidelines that will be worn on Wednesday, October 31st.
Violent or bloody masks/makeup are not permitted. It is okay to look “scary,” but there is a difference between frightening and gruesome.
Please be sure that all costumes are appropriate for school, especially any emoji themed costumes.
Eye and face masks are acceptable (make sure that vision is not impaired). Makeup should be minimal and applied at home.
Please make sure that your child’s costume has nothing hanging below the wrist or ankle. Tripping and/or getting materials caught is a major concern.
Please send costume props, all accessories, and cape-like parts to a costume in a bag labeled with your child’s name. Props (if any) must be manageable, particularly if students ride a bus.
Weapons of any kind are not permitted.
We look forward to a fun-filled day! Thank you for your help with making certain the day is safe for all of our students.

NES Celebrates Peace Week…

Newell Elementary School Celebrates
Peace Week (10/15-10/19)

The third week of October is Violence Awareness Week in NJ schools. Newell Elementary School has always celebrated this week by cultivating peace and our CARES program. To enhance this awareness, Mr. Rowley will continue to deliver curriculum that introduces the idea that “peace is getting along”, along with the goals for the introductory lesson which essentially celebrate our differences and identify when people (bullies) are MOPTHS (mean on purpose to hurt someone).

In addition, Friday, October 19th will be designated as “Unity Day”. Newell will be united in peace on Friday, so show your class colors, your peace signs, your CARES gear, or your red!

Throughout the week, please remember to reinforce the message that we all are joined in getting along despite our differences.

No Homework/Family Time Weekends

Hello NES Families,

In an effort to provide the students and the families of the Upper Freehold Regional School District with some “family time” we have designated certain weekends as “No Homework/Family Time Weekends. As a school district, we recognize the demands of work and school on personal and family time and are mindful of how precious and important this time is. The following weekends have been designated as No Homework/Family Time Weekends for the entire Upper Freehold Regional School District.

* October 5th-October 8th
* November 21st-November 25th
* February 15th-February 18th
* May 24th-May 27th

We hope that this time is used to reconnect, without electronics with the family, by having the time to spend together with less distractions. Enjoy creating a meal together or go out for a bite to eat. Board games can pass the time in a fun way as well. However you decide to use the time, enjoy it as a family!

Kelly Huggins & Tara Silva
Principal Assistant Principal

NES Back-to-School Night…

September 18, 2018
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are pleased to announce that the Newell Elementary School will host our annual Back-to-School Night on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 beginning at 7:00 P.M. This “parents only” evening will be divided into two parts—a 20-minute presentation provided by your child’s classroom teacher, and a 20-minute program in the auditorium. We ask that you follow the schedule below and encourage you to attend both sessions, which will be filled with valuable information about our school program as well as specific information about your child’s classroom.
20 Minute “Meet the Teacher” Presentation in the Classroom
Meet your child’s teacher and learn more about the curricula, methods of instruction and evaluation, responsibilities of both students and parents, and other important school information. Please note that this is a general meeting. If you have specific concerns about your child, please call the Main Office at 259-7292, ext. 2850 to arrange a private appointment with your child’s teacher.

20 Minute Meet the Teacher Classroom Presentation
For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with letters A-L report to your child’s classroom: 7:00-7:20

For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with letters M-Z report to your child’s classroom: 7:30-7:50
20 Minute Program in Auditorium
Please join us for a slideshow presentation that will highlight staff as well as our hopes and dreams for the 2018-2019 school year.

For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z report to the auditorium: 7:00-7:20

For parents of Pre through 4th grade students whose last names begin with the letters A-L report to the auditorium:: 7:30-7:50

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one child in grades Pre-K-4, including a Kindergarten student, please honor the Kindergarten schedules first and adjust your 1-4 schedule accordingly. Also being offered at 6:30 in Room 127 is an introduction to our Gifted and Talented Program. Presenters will be Ms. Karen Schumacher and Mrs. Melissa DeSarno.

We look forward to having you join us for our annual Back-To-School-Night.
Kelly Huggins, Principal
Tara Silva, Vice Principal