NES Celebrates Peace Week…

Newell Elementary School Celebrates
Peace Week (10/15-10/19)

The third week of October is Violence Awareness Week in NJ schools. Newell Elementary School has always celebrated this week by cultivating peace and our CARES program. To enhance this awareness, Mr. Rowley will continue to deliver curriculum that introduces the idea that “peace is getting along”, along with the goals for the introductory lesson which essentially celebrate our differences and identify when people (bullies) are MOPTHS (mean on purpose to hurt someone).

In addition, Friday, October 19th will be designated as “Unity Day”. Newell will be united in peace on Friday, so show your class colors, your peace signs, your CARES gear, or your red!

Throughout the week, please remember to reinforce the message that we all are joined in getting along despite our differences.

No Homework/Family Time Weekends

Hello NES Families,

In an effort to provide the students and the families of the Upper Freehold Regional School District with some “family time” we have designated certain weekends as “No Homework/Family Time Weekends. As a school district, we recognize the demands of work and school on personal and family time and are mindful of how precious and important this time is. The following weekends have been designated as No Homework/Family Time Weekends for the entire Upper Freehold Regional School District.

* October 5th-October 8th
* November 21st-November 25th
* February 15th-February 18th
* May 24th-May 27th

We hope that this time is used to reconnect, without electronics with the family, by having the time to spend together with less distractions. Enjoy creating a meal together or go out for a bite to eat. Board games can pass the time in a fun way as well. However you decide to use the time, enjoy it as a family!

Kelly Huggins & Tara Silva
Principal Assistant Principal

NES Back-to-School Night…

September 18, 2018
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are pleased to announce that the Newell Elementary School will host our annual Back-to-School Night on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 beginning at 7:00 P.M. This “parents only” evening will be divided into two parts—a 20-minute presentation provided by your child’s classroom teacher, and a 20-minute program in the auditorium. We ask that you follow the schedule below and encourage you to attend both sessions, which will be filled with valuable information about our school program as well as specific information about your child’s classroom.
20 Minute “Meet the Teacher” Presentation in the Classroom
Meet your child’s teacher and learn more about the curricula, methods of instruction and evaluation, responsibilities of both students and parents, and other important school information. Please note that this is a general meeting. If you have specific concerns about your child, please call the Main Office at 259-7292, ext. 2850 to arrange a private appointment with your child’s teacher.

20 Minute Meet the Teacher Classroom Presentation
For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with letters A-L report to your child’s classroom: 7:00-7:20

For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with letters M-Z report to your child’s classroom: 7:30-7:50
20 Minute Program in Auditorium
Please join us for a slideshow presentation that will highlight staff as well as our hopes and dreams for the 2018-2019 school year.

For parents of Pre-K through 4th grade students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z report to the auditorium: 7:00-7:20

For parents of Pre through 4th grade students whose last names begin with the letters A-L report to the auditorium:: 7:30-7:50

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one child in grades Pre-K-4, including a Kindergarten student, please honor the Kindergarten schedules first and adjust your 1-4 schedule accordingly. Also being offered at 6:30 in Room 127 is an introduction to our Gifted and Talented Program. Presenters will be Ms. Karen Schumacher and Mrs. Melissa DeSarno.

We look forward to having you join us for our annual Back-To-School-Night.
Kelly Huggins, Principal
Tara Silva, Vice Principal

NES Celebrates–1st in New Jersey…

NES Places 1st in New Jersey
for Summer Reading Challenge

Since 2012, the students, families and staff of NES have been participating in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. AND, for the past 6 years, NES students have placed 1st in New Jersey, reading the most minutes! This past summer, the students of NES read a total of 1,544,625 minutes of reading which is equal to 1,072 days–wow! As our students and families know, much work is done in the area of reading during the school year, ensuring that our children have a strong foundation for reading. To prevent reading “summer slide” (where students regress or loose levels/skills) we challenge them to read throughout the summer, which also helps to keep those reading skills sharp!

In addition to placing 1st in New Jersey, NES placed 11th in the United States out of 2,735 schools. Very impressive!! To celebrate our reading accomplishment, NES held a Reading Challenge Student Celebration today. We had two very special visitors join us for our reading celebration, Commissioner Repollet, Commissioner of Education and Dr. Richens, County Superintendent. We were honored to have them celebrate with us!!

I would like to thank our School Media Specialist, Mrs. Kimee Moore along with our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Susan Downs and our Literacy Coach, Mrs. Julia Larkin for the time they spent to organize this wonderful celebration for our students and staff! I am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful school community where the focus is always on the child!

Kelly Huggins

NES Celebrating International Dot Day

Our school will participate in International Dot Day again this year on Monday, September 17th. Art teachers all around the world celebrate the beloved book “The Dot.” The message of the book is to “make your mark and see where it takes you.”

If you have some sort of DOT attire, please wear it this Monday, Sep 17th and please ask your students to do the same! A letter to parents is on the VB.

Here’s a description:

International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration, began when teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot on September 15, 2009. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe.

Thank you very much!!

Make Your Mark!

Kim DeRisi

Art Teacher, Newell Elementary School

Kindergarten Mini-Day–Tuesday, Sept. 4th 2PM NES

We are excited to welcome our new Kindergarten children and their families to NES on Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 2PM. The Mini-Day will last about an hour. Children will report to their classroom for a meet and greet with their teacher and their classmates while the parents will attend a PTA Welcome gathering in the auditorium. At the end of the Mini-Day a bus will be available for you and your child practice seat belt buckling.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Kelly Huggins

Mr. Sulyok Named…Outstanding Educator Phoebe Hearst Award

Dear NES Family,

I am honored to announce that Mr. Sulyok has been named NES Outstanding Educator Phoebe Hearst Award through our one and only PTA. Every year, during Staff Appreciation Week, the PTA selects one educator who is outstanding in their field and passionate about their content and, Mr. Sulyok truly models these characteristics each and every day.

Congratulations Mr. Sulyok!

NES Honors Our Staff for…Staff Appreciation Week

NES is taking the time to honor our staff this week for Staff Appreciation Week. With the help of our CARES Committee and our wonderful PTA, we have a very special week planned for our NES staff. Today, Monday, May 14th our staff were “showered” with flowers from our Garden of Gratitude. PTA is hosting a special lunch on Wednesday and some other “sweet” treats throughout the week for our staff.

I would like to thank the staff of NES for their dedication, excitement and passion they bring each day when working with the children. We are very fortunate to have such a talented, committed group of individuals working together to ensure that the children of NES have the best educational journey that an elementary school has to offer! And they do it right!!

Parents, if by chance you see your child’s teacher from this year or year’s past, please take a moment to thank them for all they do each and every day. It will mean a great deal to them. Thank you!

Enjoy Staff Appreciation Week!

Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year…

Hello NES Family,

It is our pleasure and privilege to announce MRS. WENDY PRUSIK as NEWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER OF THE YEAR!

Mrs. Prusik began at Upper Freehold Regional School District in 1993 and has spent the past 25 years dedicating her career to our 1st grade elementary school students, their parents and our staff. In addition to the time she has put in to her planning, instruction and assessment, she has spent just as much time after school hosting craft clubs, cooking clubs, staff yoga classes, participating on our LA and CARES committees and most recently hosting a homework club for our English Language Learners.

Mrs. Prusik is the perfect example of going above and beyond! While speaking with us earlier this week, she shared the following statement that we felt we should all remember….”Little things can change EVERYTHING.”

Please join us in CONGRATULATING MRS. PRUSIK on being selected as Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year!

Kelly & Tara

NES Teacher of the Year Nominees….

Dear Newell Elementary School Family,

We are thrilled to announce Newell Elementary School TEACHER OF THE YEAR NOMINEES…….

* Mrs. Kim Fanning
* Ms. Jennifer Hutchison
* Mrs. Marci Kockman
* Ms. Kristin Norkus
* Mrs. Wendy Prusik
* Mrs. Nancy Qualiano
* Mrs. Dana Schleider
* Mr. Paul Sulyok
* Ms. Carolyn Zindel

We are certainly proud and privileged to be working with such amazing educators who bring such passion, dedication, heart and soul to their calling.


Kelly & Tara