Pajama Palooza

Today, Newell Elementary is holding its 2nd annual Pajama Palooza!! The Pajama Palooza is part the CARES program at Newell Elementary promoting empathy and kindness to others. The focus of this fun filled, lunchtime celebration, is to showcase Lala and Mimi’s Multari’s efforts to collect pajamas for children in need. Lala and Mimi have been collecting pajamas for children for 9 years distributing thousands of pairs of pajamas to children all over the country. Last year, Newell collected 329 pairs of pajamas to support Lala and Mimi. Today our goal is to collect 329 pairs + 1! Lots of dancing, games, and fun will be had today as we celebrate Lala and Mimi and the importance of our CARES program at Newell.

I would like to thank our CARES Committee and Mr. Rowley for making today’s Palooza so meaningful and fun for all of the students of NES!

Enjoy the photos!