No Homework Weekend…

Hello NES Families,

In an effort to provide the students and the families of the Upper Freehold Regional School District with some “family time” we have designated certain weekends as “No Homework/Family Time Weekends. As a school district, we recognize the demands of work and school on personal and family time and are mindful of how precious and important this time is. The following weekends have been designated as No Homework/Family Time Weekends for the entire Upper Freehold Regional School District.

* October 5th-October 8th

* November 21st-November 25th

* February 15th-February 18th

* May 24th-May 27th

We hope that this time is used to reconnect, without electronics with the family, by having the time to spend together with less distractions. Enjoy creating a meal together or go out for a bite to eat. Board games can pass the time in a fun way as well. However you decide to use the time, enjoy it as a family!

Kelly & Tara

Pajama Palooza

Today, Newell Elementary is holding its 2nd annual Pajama Palooza!! The Pajama Palooza is part the CARES program at Newell Elementary promoting empathy and kindness to others. The focus of this fun filled, lunchtime celebration, is to showcase Lala and Mimi’s Multari’s efforts to collect pajamas for children in need. Lala and Mimi have been collecting pajamas for children for 9 years distributing thousands of pairs of pajamas to children all over the country. Last year, Newell collected 329 pairs of pajamas to support Lala and Mimi. Today our goal is to collect 329 pairs + 1! Lots of dancing, games, and fun will be had today as we celebrate Lala and Mimi and the importance of our CARES program at Newell.

I would like to thank our CARES Committee and Mr. Rowley for making today’s Palooza so meaningful and fun for all of the students of NES!

Enjoy the photos!

NES Pajama Project

February 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

In an effort to help promote our CARES curriculum, and an understanding of empathy (understanding the

Lauren and Mackenzie Multari (Lala and Mimi) are currently eighth graders at Reynolds Middle School in Hamilton.  They have been helping children in need since they were in kindergarten via their Pajama Project. This past year,  Lala and Mimi sent 2,169 pair of pajamas to children in need. We collected 329 right here during last year’s pajama drive at our school.  

This year, Newell Elementary School will be collecting new pajamas during the week of February 4th-8th and will culminate with a pajama dance party during all of the lunches on February 8th, which will be attended by Lala and Mimi!  Our goal is to collect ONE more pair of pajamas than we did last year.

What sizes do they need?  What seasons? – They are currently requesting donations from sizes 5/6 to 14/16 (they have tons of infant/toddler pajamas right now).  THEY CAN BE FROM ANY SEASON.

We encourage you to visit these websites to help you learn more about Lala & Mimi’s Pajama Project.

We look forward to having your children participate in community service in a very fun and exciting way and to learn about empathy.

Thank you in advance,

The NES CARES Committee.

NES TEacher of the Year Nominees…

Dear NES Family,

Congratulations to the following Newell Elementary School teachers who have been nominated for Teacher of the Year. As I referenced in my announcement, NES is the BEST place to learn and grow because of these dedicated and talented educators. We are fortunate to have them on our team! These are educators who inspire, lead, learn and care. You are THE BEST!

A Very Special Congratulations To….Mrs. Fanning, Mrs. Graham, Mr. Wiederspan, Ms. Ingargiola, Mrs. Downs, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Rosenberger!