Important Reminders Regarding Student Arrival

Important Reminders Regarding Student Arrival
November 2018

This a reminder that student arrival time begins at 8:45 each morning. If you are using the parent drop off area, please be sure of 6 important thingsā€¦

1. You are dropping your child off between 8:45 and 8:58. You may not drop your child off after 8:58 and/or if gate is closed and security is walking down the path towards the school. Your child is considered late at this point and you must sign them in through the office. We do not want students and/or parents running down the path for safety reasons.

2. Please pull all the way forward to the STOP sign when dropping off and be sure children are exiting the vehicle curbside, not driver side. This will allow the drivers behind you to utilize the entire curbside drop-off location.

3. Please do not drop off children by the crosswalk or anywhere along the curbside area and wait/watch your child walk down the path.This area is meant for drop and go only. If you would like to watch your child walk the path, please park in a designated parking space.

4. Children must be in the building at the time the bell rings, 9:00AM.

5. If the time is 8:59 or later, you must pull to the front lot, walk your child to the main office to sign them in late for school.

6. Please only use the designated crosswalk area when crossing in the parking lot.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these procedures. Please know that they are in place for the safety of our children and families. Please feel free to call the Main Office with any questions.

Thank you,
Kelly Huggins

NES Celebrates Dr. Fitzpatrick Day & Thank You Day…

NES held a special school-wide Clap Out this afternoon honoring Dr. Fitzpatrick and his time and dedication to the Upper Freehold Regional School District. All students and staff stood in the halls of NES while music played, applauding Dr. Fitzpatrick as he strolled each and every hall. Dr. Fitzpatrick has certainly left his mark on Newell Elementary School by always putting children first.

Thank you, Dr. Fitzpatrick for helping to make NES the special place that it is today!

The students of NES also had a special THANK YOU activity in which they wrote a brief Thank You note to any staff member who has made a difference in their lives. This was a great way to kick-off our Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our NES families!