NES Celebrates Red Ribbon Week…

Red Ribbon Week
During October each year (October 22-26 this year), we celebrate Red Ribbon Week to teach children the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Students will be asked to show their enthusiasm by participating in the following:

Monday (Oct. 22): “Wear RED for a healthy heart!”
(Wear RED)

Tuesday (Oct. 23): “Team Up to Make Healthy Choices!” (Wear your
favorite team gear!)

Wednesday (October 24): Saying YES to good health is NO SWEAT!”
(Wear your sweats!)

Thursday (Oct. 25): “I’m a Jean-ius, I’m healthy as can be”
(Wear your jeans!)

Friday (Oct. 26): “Newell Elementary CARES about making healthy choices”
(Wear your class shirt, CARES gear, or NES clothing!)