Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year…

Hello NES Family,

It is our pleasure and privilege to announce MRS. WENDY PRUSIK as NEWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER OF THE YEAR!

Mrs. Prusik began at Upper Freehold Regional School District in 1993 and has spent the past 25 years dedicating her career to our 1st grade elementary school students, their parents and our staff. In addition to the time she has put in to her planning, instruction and assessment, she has spent just as much time after school hosting craft clubs, cooking clubs, staff yoga classes, participating on our LA and CARES committees and most recently hosting a homework club for our English Language Learners.

Mrs. Prusik is the perfect example of going above and beyond! While speaking with us earlier this week, she shared the following statement that we felt we should all remember….”Little things can change EVERYTHING.”

Please join us in CONGRATULATING MRS. PRUSIK on being selected as Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year!

Kelly & Tara