NES Celebrates National Science & Tech Week…

Students of NES will participate in various activities to celebrate National Science & Technology Week during the week of December 4th. These activities include STEAM related projects, Science related projects pertaining to units of study and our 3rd and 4th grade students will be participating in the National Hour of Code.

NES Celebrates Governor Newell’s 200th Birthday

Governor Newell’s 200th Birthday Celebration
December 2017

On Tuesday, December 5th, the staff and students of Newell Elementary School will be recognizing Governor Newell’s 200th Birthday Celebration. William A. Newell was born on September 5, 1817. It was difficult for us to hold this celebration on September 5th because our students had not yet returned from summer break. We thought it was fitting to hold this celebration the last month of the calendar year, on the same date that he was born.

Newell Elementary School will be holding various class activities and discussions throughout the day on Tuesday, December 5th. These activities will include a special morning announcement given by one of our 3rd grade students who wrote a paper on Governor Newell’s life and his accomplishments. We will also be singing a school-wide Happy Birthday song, honoring Governor Newell and his accomplishments. Decorative Happy Birthday balloons will be displayed in and outside of the school to mark the celebration. Classroom teachers will share and highlight some of Governor Newell’s important facts and accomplishments during his life. These facts and accomplishments include:

William A. Newell Facts
~Newell Elementary School is named after Governor William A. Newell.

~William A. Newell resided in Allentown New Jersey in 1819
when he was 2 years old. After residing in other locations in New Jersey, William A. Newell moved back to Allentown in his adulthood and resided on the corner of Main Street and High Street.

~William A. Newell attended Rutgers College and University
Of Pennsylvania for medical school.
~William A. Newell has a memorial section located in the Allentown
Presbyterian Church Cemetery

William A. Newell Accomplishments
~William A. Newell was elected to Congress in 1847

~William A. Newell created the Newell Act. This act designated a
series of lighthouse stations between Sandy Hook and Little
Egg Harbor. These stations were equipped with a cannon
that would shoot a rope to ships to help rescue shipwreck

~William A. Newell was elected Governor of New Jersey in 1857

~In 1860 Abraham Lincoln appointed Governor Newell to the
Life-Saving Service of New Jersey, which later was termed, The
U.S. Life-Saving Service of New Jersey and became part of the
U.S. Coast Guard in 1915

~In 1880 William A. Newell was appointed as Governor of
Washington Territory

~In 1882 William A. Newell returned to Allentown, New Jersey
where he continued his medical practice