NES 4th Grade Farewell/Step-Up Day

June 13, 2017
Dear Parents and Guardians of Fourth Grade Students,

I am pleased to inform you that today we held a Fourth Grade Farewell/Step-Up Assembly and Middle School Orientation at Stone Bridge Middle School. The assembly honored our fourth grade students by reflecting on their elementary school experience and providing a chance for the students to look to their future at Stone Bridge Middle School. The students were given special certificates of recognition to mark the end of their elementary experience at Newell. Ms. Negro, Middle School Principal, introduced herself and shared a few highlights the students can look forward to next year at Stone Bridge Middle School. Lastly, our fourth graders were given a tour of the building by current students of the middle school.

We designed this informal student program as a transition activity for our fourth graders to help prepare them for their new grade and new school next year. On August 22nd, Stone Bridge Middle School will host an Open House for parents and students to tour the building and meet some of the terrific staff at Stone Bridge Middle School. Please refer to the Stone Bridge Middle School letter that was distributed to your child today.

It has been an absolute pleasure educating your children and working with you as partners during this exciting journey.


Mrs. Huggins