Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year–Mrs. Timmons

Dear Newell Elementary School Family,

It is my pleasure and honor to announce that Mrs. Lynn Timmons has been selected as Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Timmons has served the students, parents and staff of the Upper Freehold Regional School District for 15 years. In addition, she served the students, parents and staff of Fair Haven School District in New Jersey for 15 years. During our conversation Mrs. Timmons shared with our TOY Committee the many things she does on a daily basis to connect people/students to create community, contribute to promoting a curriculum with coherence, contribute to establishing a climate for learning and contribute to the development of character. Needless to say, Mrs. Timmons left a lasting impression on our committee for many reasons. And, there is one statement that Mrs. Timmons shared that she lives and teaches by and it is one that stands out, just as Mrs. Timmons does…”Be the Best YOU.”

Timmons Teacher of the Year

Music In Our Schools Month– Mr. Sulyok–NES Musician Extraordinaire

The month of March is Music In Our Schools Month and Mr. Sulyok is making sure that everyone knows it! Today, Mr. Sulyok directed our 3rd Grade Chorus students in, “Around The World In Song.” Our students performed songs from all over the world, including Liberia, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, British Guyana, Brazil, Austria, Ireland, France, Italy, Israel, Morocco, Ghana, India, Japan and the USA. Following the afternoon performance, I was exhausted from all of our travels!! Our 3rd grade students danced, performed songs in various languages and sang their hearts out. They did a fabulous job. And, Mr. Sulyok did a FABULOUS JOB preparing our students. Below are two pictures to capture the moment. ~Enjoy~

Music 1
Music 2

NES Teacher of the Year Nominees…

Dear Newell Elementary School Family,

I am thrilled to announce the 2015-2016 Newell Elementary School Teacher of the Year Nominees. The six nominees were recognized by parents, students and colleagues for making a difference in the lives of children and for their contributions in the following areas:

~Connecting people/students to create community.
~Promoting a curriculum with coherence
~Establishing a climate for learning
~Contributing to the development of character

Please join me in CONGRATULATING…
* Mrs. Ellie Bills
* Mrs. Aimee Blum
* Mrs. Tina Jacobs
* Ms. Jeannie Leister
* Mrs. Dana Schleider
* Mrs. Lynn Timmons

We are very fortunate to have each of these educators working with us and our children. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with each of you! This is a well deserved nomination!

Kelly & Tara