NES Holiday Sing Along–Mr. Sulyok Style

The students of NES had a blast singing to holiday songs with Mr. Sulyok this morning. I had a chance to capture the shot below of Mr. Sulyok in action. He’s always such a great sport!

May you take time this winter break to spend time with loved ones and to appreciate all that is good in the world!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

Sing Along

NES Courtyard Clean-Up Crew…

Our NES Courtyard Clean-Up Crew, consisting of some of our 4th grade students spent their recess today pruning and trimming trees and shrubs in our courtyard. The students used the trimmings to decorate our front planters. They did a fabulous job. Be sure to check out the before, during and after shots below.

A very special THANK YOU to Ms. Gaum and the Crew..Our school planters look beautiful!!

CY Before
CY gathering
CY-red sticks
CY Start
CY Final
CY Final 2

NES 4th Grade Winter Concert Take Two…

Congratulations to Mrs. Fanning & Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Potash & Mrs. Cerniglia’s 4th grade classes on a fabulous performance at our annual Winter Concert!

And, a special THANK YOU to Mr. Sulyok for directing the 4th grade classes and making the concert so entertaining with his jokes.


4th Grade Winter Concert…

Congratulations to Mrs. Fanning & Mrs. Cohen and Ms. Schiavo’s 4th grade classes on a fabulous performance at our annual Winter Concert!

And, congratulations to Mr. Sulyok who does such an outstanding job preparing our 4th grade students for their concert!


NES Participating in Largest Learning Event in History…The Hour of Code

December 2015

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to share with you a special learning activity your child was involved in today. In honor of Computer Science Education Week, your child had the opportunity to participate in an Hour of Code activity. This international event allows children the opportunity to learn to code (computer programming) for some of their favorite games such as Frozen, Minecraft, Star Wars and many others. The sole purpose of this event is to pique your child’s interest in computer science. Today your child learned to make the characters from the game move and perform simple tasks. This coding activity stresses the importance of sequencing multi-step directions. By the end of our Hour of Code, the children were excited with what they had learned and are enthusiastic about continuing to try their hand at coding. If you would like to build upon your child’s enthusiasm, go to to find more fun programming activities.


Jane Kern