~~Farewell NES Students~~

We send a farewell to all of the students of NES and we wish our 4th grade students all the best as they begin their transition to Stone Bridge Middle School. The 2014-2015 school year was one of the best yet and it was because of the students!

We had a special appearance this afternoon to wave all of the students goodbye–our very own Redbird!
Enjoy the summer months!
Last Day Redbird

NES Students & Staff Support Special Olympics of New Jersey!

The students and staff of NES recently contributed $817.20 to the Special Olympics of New Jersey. This initiative was led by two impressive 4th grade students, Amber Noble and Kendal Aylward. Amber and Kendal serve as Ambassadors for the Special Olympics of New Jersey and met with me to share their desire to raise funds to support the Special Olympics of New Jersey. They shared that the Special Olympics of New Jersey provides children and adults with disabilities opportunities to train and compete in sports, become physically fit, socialize and make new friends. The girls also shared some statistics with me and highlighted that there are more than 24,000 athletes in New Jersey and they train in 24 sports and participate in more than 160 competitions each year free of charge.

Amber and Kendal proposed a fun “pajama day” fundraiser for the students and staff of NES and worked very hard to make their idea come to life. I am very proud of their efforts, initiate and desire to help others and the fact that they asked NES to help!
Enjoy the photo!Sp. Ed Fundraiser

NES 4th Grade Farewell/Step-Up Day

June 8, 2015
Dear Parents and Guardians of Fourth Grade Students,

I am pleased to inform you that today we held a Fourth Grade Farewell/Step-Up Assembly and Middle School Orientation at Stone Bridge Middle School. The assembly honored our fourth grade students by reflecting on their elementary school experience and providing a chance for the students to look to their future at Stone Bridge Middle School. The students were given special certificates of recognition to mark the end of their elementary experience at Newell. Ms. Negro, Middle School Principal, introduced herself and shared a few highlights the students can look forward to next year at Stone Bridge Middle School. Lastly, our fourth graders were given a tour of the building by current students of the middle school.

We designed this informal student program as a transition activity for our fourth graders to help prepare them for their new grade and new school next year. On August 24th, Stone Bridge Middle School will host an Open House for parents and students to tour the building and meet some of the terrific staff at Stone Bridge Middle School. Please refer to the Stone Bridge Middle School letter that was distributed to your child today.

It has been an absolute pleasure educating your children and working with you as partners during this exciting journey.


Mrs. Huggins

NES Principals for a Day–Principal Briana O’Malley & Principal Brayden Spence

I had the pleasure of escorting Miss Briana O’Malley and Mr. Brayden Spence around Newell Elementary School on Friday, June 5th as Principals for a Day. Our day together was a busy one and I spent time with them discussing my role as principal and the different aspects of the job, beginning with making the decision as to whether or not student arrival should be inside line-up or outdoor line-up. I have to say, both principals made good decisions during the day and even got to participate in a fire drill, attend an administrative meeting, make announcements over our public announcement system, visit cafeteria and recess time and dismiss the students for the weekend. When asked at the end of the day how their experience was, one student commented, “I’m exhausted and I have a headache!” And the other student shared, “I loved the donut breakfast and pizza lunch!” That certainly sums it up!
Enjoy some photos!

Princiapl NES
Principal 1
Principal 3Principal Bus
Principal Group
Principal Desk

NES~~Wall of Kindness

With the guidance and help of Mr. Rowley, NES Guidance Counselor, three of our students created a Wall of Kindness in hopes of displaying kind messages to students and staff. Abagail Jordan, Siena Kassa and Meghan Rentner were the three students who approached me about the idea of having a place in our school where students could post uplifting messages about each other. After months of meeting and brainstorming the name of the wall, the location, supplies needed, funding the supplies and how the students were going to get the message out to their classmates–the Wall has started and the positive messages are contagious!

A special thank you to Mr. Rowley, Mrs. DeRisi, Abagail, Siena and Meghan for all of their hard work with creating this wall and making it possible for the students and staff of NES to send positive messages to those who need a lift!

Wall of Kindness

4th Grade Students Celebrate @ Social/Gala Dance

On Friday, May 29th our PTA held a special Social/Gala Dance for our 4th grade students. It was a fun time with sweet treats, pumping music, photo opportunities by way of a photo both and student stars lining the gymnasium.Students also received their very own 4th grade shirt to remember their time as Newell Elementary School students.

As usual, the PTA really out-did themselves. A sincere THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Vanessa DePompo, PTA President and Mrs. Barb Nissinger who took the lead role in organizing the event. And, I would also like to thank all of the PTA volunteers and chaperones who helped set up/break down the event. We would not be able to offer these memories of a lifetime without your support and assistance. THANK YOU!

Enjoy some photos!

Gala 2