PARCC Parent Night–Tuesday, February 17th–6:30 @ SBMS

Please join us for a PARCC Parent Night on Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30 p.m. The event will be held in the auditorium of Stone Bridge Middle School.

The presentation will include an overview of PARCC as well as an overview and discussion of the many ways in which the students and staff of Newell Elementary School and Stone Bridge Middle School have prepared for the assessment. There will also be an opportunity for parents to ask questions about PARCC.

We hope you can join us on the 17th at 6:30 p.m. In the event you cannot attend, please visit our website on the 18th for a link to the presentation and answers to frequently asked questions.

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Mark Guterl, Assistant Superintendent:

Kelly Huggins, Principal of Newell Elementary School:

Tara Silva, Vice Principal of Newell Elementary School:

Stefanie Negro, Principal of Stone Bridge Middle School:

Brian Myslinski, Vice Principal of Stone Bridge Middle School:

NES TO HOST AUTHOR VISIT–Steve Swinburne–Wednesday, February 11th

Steve Swinburne is an author, photographer and wild life conservationist. Steve has done research and written over 30 books about everything from sea turtles in the Caribbean, black bears in Pennsylvania, to manatees in Florida. An award winning author, Steve writes books for all ages, focusing on the nonfiction genre. During his visits, Steve discusses the process of writing using an interactive format to get children interested and involved in his presentation. He also discusses the importance of taking care of the world’s resources, more specifically animal life. As an added bonus, Mr. Swinburne plays the ukulele to the delight of all ages. Some of his books:

Safe, Warm, and Snug-how animals protect their young
Lots and Lots of Patterns-discusses patterns in nature
Turtle Tide-discusses sea turtles
Black Bear-discusses the North American Black Bear
A Butterfly Grows -discusses the life cycle of the butterfly
Armadillo Trail-discusses the life of a mother and her four pups

Please be sure to ask your child about his visit. And, a very special THANK YOU to our PTA for funding this visit!!

Mrs. Timmons’ 1st Grade Students Host A Special Guest…

Sgt. Jordan Enlow, one of the young men Mrs. Timmons’ class has been supporting in the army by way of goodie bags and special cards paid her class a visit today. Sgt. Jordan Enlow was home on a 5 day leave and thought it was important to pay Mrs. Timmons and her class a visit to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

The relationship between the class and Sgt. Enlow began in the fall when Mrs. Timmons was asked by a neighbor and colleague from the middle school if her class would make cards for Sgt. Enlow who had recently been deployed in the army. Since it was around Veteran’s Day, Mrs. Timmons did a Social Studies lesson on it and tied it in with her recent Scholastic News. This year her class was very interested in the topic and excited to make cards and send treats to someone who was helping our country so far away from home. After sending the cards and treats the class received a phone call from Jordan while he was still deployed thanking them for all the wonderful cards and treats and how excited he and all of his friends were to receive them. Mrs. Timmons shares, “It was wonderful to talk with him on speaker phone and my class could not believe that we were talking with someone so far away and how our cards and treats made them all feel so special. This is the true meaning of CARES in our school and how we can help one another.” Today, Mrs. Timmons’ class had the opportunity to meet Jordan and had a wonderful time learning all about their new friend by asking all sorts of questions about the army. Mrs. Timmons’ class now has a wonderful pen pal that they plan on keeping in touch with and sending treats to as they want to thank them for “having our backs” and keeping us safe. Mrs. Timmons shares, “It was a real pleasure to meet such a wonderful young man.”

Sgt. Enlow left NES with a big smile, lot’s of “thank you for being brave” cards and hopefully a feeling of honor!
Thank you Sgt. Enlow!