NES Creating a Chain Reaction of Kindness

Rachel’s Challenge Student Assembly

Creating a Chain Reaction of Kindness


As a way to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, yesterday our 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students attended a very powerful and inspirational assembly program focused on creating a Chain Reaction of Kindness. Presenter Mr. Todd Lauderdale started the Chain Reaction by inspiring our students to make a difference. He shared the message of Rachel Scott a student involved in the Columbine tragedy, that one person could start a “Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion” that would affect the world in an amazing way. Mr. Lauderdale also shared with our students 5 components to Rachel’s important message. They were…

  1. Always Show Kindness and Compassion
  2. Set Personal Goals
  3. Be a Positive Influence
  4. Keep a Journal
  5. Start a Chain Reaction

This was a wonderful assembly program that focused on the positive pieces of Rachel Scott’s life. Please know that there was never mention or discussion about Rachel Scott’s death or the Columbine tragedy.


I would like to thank the PTA for sponsoring this student event and I would also like to thank Ms. Silva, Mr. Rowley and the NES CARES Committee for helping to organize the event. Please be sure to ask your child about the program and the importance of passing on the positive and starting our very own Chain Reaction of Kindness at Newell Elementary School.


I have also attached our parent letter (Rachel parent letter.docx) that went home on February 5th explaining the assembly program.

Pass On The Positive!

Kelly Huggins

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