I’m Back…


I officially returned to NES on Wednesday, November 13th and I have to say that I did not sleep a wink the night before. Many of you are probably thinking that it was our daughter, Maeve who kept me awake all night or possibly our son, Reed but both children were sound asleep the entire night. The reason for my sleepless night was the excitement I was feeling (you know, butterflies in your belly feeling) knowing that I was returning to my second love in life, serving as principal of NES!


My first day back was filled with smiles, high-fives, hugs and welcome back cards from the children and I loved every single moment of it! I had the chance to greet the children outside as they arrived to school and then spent the entire day visiting each class. During my visit with each class I had a chance to tell the children just how much I missed them and the staff of NES and shared some stories of my time home being a full-time mommy.  


I am excited to be back and look forward to catching up with students, staff and parents. Please feel free to call, email or stop by anytime, my door is always open. I plan to be readily available during our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences which are scheduled for November 25th and 26th and December 5th and 6th. I look forward to seeing you!


Kelly Huggins

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