Images from PreSchool Fun Day

psfd1.JPGpsfd2.JPGpsfd3.JPGpschfun4.JPGpsf5.JPGOn Friday, October 18, our preschool classes celebrated a first, Fall Pre School Fun Day.  It was a beautiful fall day, sparkling sun, cool air, golden red foliage – all perfect for lots of fun activities. The children painted pumpkins, knocked down bowling pins, threw beanbags at Halloween cans, and examined the wonders of nature.  These pictures show our staff busy at the different play stations.  By the end of the day, all agreed,  Fall Fun Day should become an annual event.

Join Our PTA – Please!

If you haven’t already become a member of our PTA please consider joining today. Our school is enriched in so many ways by the PTA – we are a stronger, more effective, and more caring school because of their efforts and support. Our concern is that our membership is down; we want to see it go up again. 

Membership dues are $10.00 for a single membership or $15.00 for a family membership. You can make a check payable to UFRPTA and leave it in the PTA mailbox or you can join online: go to and click Membership Drive.

Just yesterday the PTA funded a special assembly program for our younger children K-2 about Captain Hook. Those of you who have children in those grades may want to ask them about the program. From all reports it was an excellent and moving presentation about caring for others.  In addition to special assemblies, the funds the PTA raises go towards resources for teachers such as books, Ipads, and materials for special events.   These cultural and technological enhancements could never happen from the regular school budget; instead, our school relies on the PTA to make them happen.

Besides the funds that support our school, the PTA provides numerous volunteer hours.  Won’t you consider joining these volunteers and contributing some time and talent to our school.

We need you – Please join the PTA today and if you can volunteer some time – anytime.

Reminder: Morning Playground Supervision

This is a reminder to parents that supervision of the playground area begins at 8:40 a.m.. Prior to that time, there is no school employee assigned to supervise that area. Since the start of school, we have noticed more children arriving before that time and we are concerned about their safety. We urge you to avoid dropping them off or sending them to school before that time.