Caring Buddies

On Friday,  fourth graders in Ms. Usignol’s class visited their first grade buddies in Ms. Timmons’s class to hear their”buddy” read aloud their animal project. Spread around the room, the children sat in twos, the fourth graders listening attentively and the first graders reading animatedly, after all it was their writing. Following the reading and discussion session, the children enjoyed refreshments.  This activity was a culmination of a buddy program between the two classes that extended throughout the year.  It began with a Buddies Book with photos of the pairs and a list of their favorite colors and what they liked to do and eat. On other occasions, the buddies got together to do arts and crafts, play games on the playground, and share their various class projects. They even celebrated the holidays together. 

The intent of the progect was to encourage the older children to care for the younger ones, to be their friends and to practice what that meant.  When asked what they liked about having a buddy, here’s what some of the first graders said. . ..She is one of my best friends in school (Sophie);   He likes me a lot (Tyler); When we read together, he helps me when I don’t know a word (Maddox); I like it when he reads a book to me (Balewa) and She  likes when I read to her (Xurey)  Congratulations to both classes and their teachers on a very successful program.

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