Little Prince Hamlet: A Smash Hit

Little Prince Hamlet, an original musical presentation, performed by NES’s Fourth Grade Chorus and directed by Mr. Paul Sulyok, music teacher and resident theater genius, was a spectacular success.  Performed four times by two different fourth grade choruses, it received thunderous applause each time. It was funny and fun, clever and charming, a delight to behold.

An extraordinary array of talent was on display.  In a variety of quick moving arrangements including ensembles, quartets, and solos, the children sang, danced, acted, and even told jokes.  The orignal score written by Mr. Sulyok blended Shakespeare’s Hamlet with tales by Hans Christian Anderson and showcased our childen’s beautiful voices.  Especially notable were the children’s enthusiasm and amazing poise. Clearly, they loved what they were doing and the audience loved being part of it.

Congratulations to our fourth graders and Kudos Galore to Mr. Sulyok.

Hamlet Pic1.jpg

hamlet pic2.jpg hamlet pic 5.jpg hamlet pic 3.jpg

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