NES Celebrates Inclusive Schools Week

            Newell Elementary School

                              Kelly Huggins                               Tara Silva

      Principal                                       Vice Principal


                                                                                                                                November 30, 2012


Dear Parents and Guardians,


The celebration of Inclusive Schools Week offers an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the progress our school community has made in providing a supportive learning environment to all students.    We want to acknowledge, celebrate and show our appreciation for the hard work and commitment of our community in creating inclusive environments.


We will celebrate Inclusive Schools Week beginning Monday, December 3rd through December 7th. Each day we will feature a quote that focuses on the importance of inclusive environments. These quotes will be announced or posted daily so that staff and students are able to take time to discuss their meaning and the value they hold within our school community as well as the community at large.


Our marquee will indicate our participation in Inclusive Schools Week and display a section of our mission statement:  “All Learners Welcomed,   Accepted As They Are.”


Finally, and most importantly, teachers will be promoting awareness of the topic, “How does it feel to be included?”  This topic will be differentiated according to grade level.  Students will be encouraged to develop an essay, a poem, art work or any other creative venue that highlights student ideas on the topic of feeling included. Completed student work will be displayed in classrooms and halls during the week of December 7th. 


As always we thank you for your continued support in educating all children and look forward to celebrating Inclusive Schools Week with staff, students, and parents.




Patrick Leary

Director of Special Services


Kelly Huggins



Parent/Teacher Conferences-Electronic Sign-Up-Directions

             The Newell Elementary School

                      Main Office: (609) 259-7292×2850 Fax: (609) 208-1411

        Kelly Huggins                                               Tara Silva

        Principal                                                     Vice Principal



 November 6, 2012



Dear Newell Elementary Parents,


Parent/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner! Conferences allow for meaningful conversations focused on the most important part of the Newell Elementary family, our students. We look forward to this dialogue in an effort to be partners in the education of our kids.


This year, we are using a more user-friendly system for conference sign-ups. Conference sign-ups will occur electronically through our website. Parents can either use the link on the NES website or “cut and paste” this web address 

Once you get to this website, very clear directions will be given to you with each click of your mouse. You will be able to sign up for each of your child’s teachers conferences using this system. 


The link will be accessible during the afternoon of November 7th until the end of the day November 14th.


In the event that the teacher you would like to meet with has no available time to meet during conferences, please email Sandy Gaum, to arrange another time to have a conference. 


If you don’t have internet access, we ask that you call our main office @ 609 259-7292 ext. 2851 to schedule a conference with a specific teacher.   


Our conference days and times are as follows:


  • Monday, November 19th – 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, November 20th – 6:00-8:00 p.m. (Evening Conferences)
  • Wednesday, November 28th – 2:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 29th-2:00-4:00 p.m.


Each conference with teachers will be 10 minutes.


Thank you for your patience as we implement this new conference sign up process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.


Kelly Huggins



NES To Host Noetic Math Challenge

        Newell Elementary School

                         Main Office: (609) 259-7292~ Fax: (609) 208-1411


 Kelly Huggins                                                    Tara Silva

    Principal                                                    Vice Principal


Dear Parent or Guardian:

I am pleased to inform you of an opportunity for our students in grades 2-6 to participate in a challenging math contest sponsored by the Noetic Learning Math Center. Those students who choose to participate will be competing with other students at the same grade level from across the nation!  The purpose of the contest is to inspire young students’ interest in math and to convey the message ‘It is COOL to be good at math!  

The NLMC contest will take place on Wednesday November 7 from 3:45-4:45 at Newell Elementary School. Make-up day–Monday, Nov. 12th, same time same place. We will meet in the auditorium where each grade level will be escorted to a classroom to take the test.  Students will be given 45 minutes to solve 20 challenging math word problems. The top 10% of students in each grade level will be honored on Noetic Learning’s web site. And the top 50% of students will be recognized as well.

If you would like to have additional information about the Noetic Learning Math Contest and view sample problems your child will be working on, please visit the web site at:

I am excited that our school will be participating in the Noetic Learning Math Contest.  Our students will help us to show what Newell Elementary students know and can do!

Participation is voluntary, and we do need your permission to release your student’s name to Noetic Learning.  Attached is a permission slip. Please return it by Tuesday, October 30


Karen Schumacher

Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Program


Noetic Learning Math Contest

Name Release Permission

(Must be returned by Wednesday, November 7, 2012)


Student Name_________________________________

Teacher Name_________________________________


Noetic Learning would like to recognize the contest winners by publishing the top 10% students (name, score, school and state ) and the top 50% students (name, school and state)  on its web site: It is a great honor for your child to be recognized in a national math contest. However, we understand if you don’t wish your child’s name to be displayed. In that case, your teacher will assign a code name to your child, such as, ‘student 04’, and enter him/her as ‘student 04’ to the contest.

___ I grant permission for Noetic Learning publish my child’s name as described above.

___ I don’t give permission for Noetic Learning publish my child’s name as described above.   


Parent Name _________________________________

Parent Signature _________________________________

Date _________________________________


______________________________will be picking my child up by 4:45.  My cell/phone number in case of an emergency is ___________________.

NES & Upper Freehold School District Here to Help…

            Newell Elementary School

                        Main Office: (609) 259-7292 ~ Fax: (609) 208-1411


      Kelly Huggins                               Tara Silva

      Principal                                       Vice Principal



                                                         November 5, 2012


Dear Newell Elementary School Families,


I hope this letter finds you in better circumstances this week compared to the state of the community last week with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. This morning I had an opportunity to visit each class to speak to the children first-hand about the conditions in their neighborhoods and homes. I heard from several children that they are still without power. Some families are fortunate to be running heat, water, and partial lighting off of a generator while others are not as fortunate. Please know that NES and the District of Upper Freehold are here to help you and your family in any way we can. Currently Stone Bridge Middle School is offering families the use of their warm showers and their heated library space between the hours of 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM for those families in need. If there is anything else we can do to support you and your family during this difficult time, please let your child’s classroom teacher know and we are more than happy to help. In addition, our school counselor, Mr. Michael Rowley is available to meet with any child who may be having a difficult time coping with the current conditions.


We are fortunate to live in a community where people are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. So if you are in need, please reach out and let us know.

                                                            Take care and well.   

                                                            Kelly Huggins