NES Celebrates Red Ribbon/Peace Week

Red Ribbon/Peace Week

At the end of October each year (October 22-26 this year), we celebrate Red Ribbon Week to teach children the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs..  Students are encouraged to wear the red ribbon during the week.  In addition, we would like to ask students to show their enthusiasm by participating in the following:


Monday (Oct. 22):  “Living Drug-Free Is No Sweat Day”

(Wear sweat pants and sweat shirts.)



Tuesday (Oct. 23):  Sock it to Drugs Day”

(Wear goofy or mis-matched socks!)


Wednesday (Oct. 24):  “Don’t Let Drugs Sneak Up On You Day” (Wear your sneakers)


Thursday (Oct. 25):  “Team Up Against Drugs Day”

(Wear your favorite sports team clothes.)


Friday (October 26):    “Red Day!”

(Wear as much red as you can – and don’t forget that red ribbon!)

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