Principal Huggins-Queen Karaoke-Student Assembly

         Newell Elementary School

                            Kelly Huggins                               Tara Silva

      Principal                                       Vice Principal


                                                                                                                September 21, 2012


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Today was an exciting day for the students and staff of Newell Elementary School. We held our long-awaited Principal Huggins Queen Karaoke Student Assembly. You may recall last May we introduced the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. The purpose of the summer reading challenge was to encourage and inspire our students to continue to read during the summer months in order to avoid a “summer slide” with important reading skills and strategies. Well, we certainly INSPIRED the children of NES to READ! Students were informed that if they were able to meet the reading goal challenge that I would agree to do a special task that they would vote on. Unanimously students voted to see me front and center singing karaoke for them to celebrate their achievement and I agreed. And, boy was it a sight and sound to be seen and heard! 


In addition to my singing performance and having students spray/color my hair, we also recognized individual students as well as certain classes to acknowledge the efforts of our highest individual readers and highest classroom readers. And, most importantly, all students were recognized during this assembly for contributing to our overall reading goal.


The students of NES read over 830,000 minutes of reading during the summer. They surpassed our original reading goal of 552,000 minutes in a matter of two months versus the four months that were allotted. The total number of minutes put Newell Elementary School in 18th place in the Scholastic Book of World Records. This is an amazing accomplishment!


Please know that I am very proud of all of our students for this amazing accomplishment! And, I know the reading skills that the children implemented and practiced this summer will be with them for many years to come. And, I am just so thrilled that we were able to encourage and inspire our children to read!


I look forward to what next year’s reading challenge will bring, but just know that I am always up for a challenge!


Mrs. Huggins

AKA-Queen Karaoke

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