NES Holds Box Out Bullying Assembly Kick Off

                                                                                         September 24, 2012


Dear Parents,


The 2012-2013 school year brings a meaningful new program to Newell Elementary School. We are excited to announce the launching of the new Olweus Bullying Prevention Program for our kindergarten through fourth grade students. The Olweus Program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs of our K-4 students. The program uses a variety of strategies and activities to address bullying at the school wide, classroom, and individual student levels in order to make Newell Elementary School a safe positive environment where all students can learn and thrive.


To kick off the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program this September, each classroom worked together to create an anti-bullying bulletin board display in the hallway. Classrooms created their own unique messages reinforcing the importance of a healthy school climate where our core beliefs of Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, and Self-control are practiced each day. On Monday, September 24th we were pleased to present Box Out Bullying, a nationally touring bullying prevention assembly to our students in kindergarten through 4th grade, courtesy of the PTA. The performances focused on bringing to life the main principles of our newly implemented Olweus curriculum in two interactive, fun filled shows. The students loved the live shows and it was a terrific way to kick off our new Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.


Please remember to enjoy the students’ work on display in the hallways during Back To School Night and take a moment to ask your child how they can help to make their school a great place to learn and play.


Ms. Silva

Assistant Principal

Principal Huggins-Queen Karaoke-Student Assembly

         Newell Elementary School

                            Kelly Huggins                               Tara Silva

      Principal                                       Vice Principal


                                                                                                                September 21, 2012


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Today was an exciting day for the students and staff of Newell Elementary School. We held our long-awaited Principal Huggins Queen Karaoke Student Assembly. You may recall last May we introduced the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. The purpose of the summer reading challenge was to encourage and inspire our students to continue to read during the summer months in order to avoid a “summer slide” with important reading skills and strategies. Well, we certainly INSPIRED the children of NES to READ! Students were informed that if they were able to meet the reading goal challenge that I would agree to do a special task that they would vote on. Unanimously students voted to see me front and center singing karaoke for them to celebrate their achievement and I agreed. And, boy was it a sight and sound to be seen and heard! 


In addition to my singing performance and having students spray/color my hair, we also recognized individual students as well as certain classes to acknowledge the efforts of our highest individual readers and highest classroom readers. And, most importantly, all students were recognized during this assembly for contributing to our overall reading goal.


The students of NES read over 830,000 minutes of reading during the summer. They surpassed our original reading goal of 552,000 minutes in a matter of two months versus the four months that were allotted. The total number of minutes put Newell Elementary School in 18th place in the Scholastic Book of World Records. This is an amazing accomplishment!


Please know that I am very proud of all of our students for this amazing accomplishment! And, I know the reading skills that the children implemented and practiced this summer will be with them for many years to come. And, I am just so thrilled that we were able to encourage and inspire our children to read!


I look forward to what next year’s reading challenge will bring, but just know that I am always up for a challenge!


Mrs. Huggins

AKA-Queen Karaoke

Hopes, Dreams and Expectations for the Students of NES

The opening of the 2012-2013 school year was the best yet! Students continue to arrive to school each morning eager, excited and ready to learn. NES has come to life once again and we are so happy to have your children with us!

We recently held our first ever Welcome Back Student Assembly. During this student assembly Ms. Silva and I shared our hopes, dreams and expectations for the 2012-2013 school year. Our hopes and dreams for the school year included students experiencing many opportunities to learn in meaningful ways, to laugh, and to simply have fun! We also focused on our expectations for the school year and reminded students that a big part of our job is keeping everyone safe and the ways the children can help us keep everyone safe in NES. We reminded students to keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times and if there is a problem to use their words and get an adult for help when needed. We also reviewed the many daily procedures that students encounter on a daily basis. Important procedures that were covered included morning line-up/student arrival, lunchroom rules and manners, recess safety, fire drill procedures, bathroom manners, and dismissal procedures to name a few. What made this student assembly so special is that our Technology Specialist, Ms. Mimi Rowland created a video, using students from NES to model how these procedures work. This video was displayed during our student assembly and helped our students better understand our procedures by way of visual modeling.

Please be sure to ask your child about the Welcome Back Assembly and see if they recall some of the hopes, dreams and expectations that were shared.

Kelly Huggins   

NJ ASK Parent Letter–Grades 3 & 4

             Newell Elementary School

   27 High Street ~ Allentown, New Jersey 08501 ~ Main Office: (609) 259-7292

      Kelly Huggins                                   Tara Silva

      Principal                                          Vice Principal


                                                                                                   September 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian:


Enclosed please find your child’s Individual Student Report for the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge or NJ ASK. The NJ ASK was administered in May 2012 and used to assess 3rd grade students’ understanding of Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics and 4th grade students’ understanding of Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. This report provides your child’s scores in each of those areas as well as a comparison with statewide mean scores.


The NJ ASK reports performance as scale scores within a range of 100 to 300. 

Proficiency levels are outlined below.


Scale Score

Level of Performance

250 and above

Advanced Proficient



199 and below

Partially Proficient


If your child scored in the “Advanced Proficient” or “Proficient” range, he or she has met the state standard for that content area.  Scores below 200 indicate your child has not yet met the state standard for proficiency. Any “partially proficient” score will be carefully reviewed within the context of your child’s day-to-day classroom performance. As a result, he or she may be recommended for some type of added instructional support.


Please review your child’s score report carefully.  Should you have any questions about it, please reach out to your child’s teacher or contact me directly.  Also please note, that a full Achievement Report will be presented to the school board in November and then posted on the district website.




 Ms. Silva

 Vice Principal