Newell ES–Student Summer Reading Challenge

The students of Newell ES are currently participating in a Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, and the CHALLENGE IS ON! Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade are being challenged to read 60 minutes per week beginning May 1st through August 31st. The overall reading goal for Newell ES is 552,000 minutes this summer.  If students achieve this goal, I, Mrs. Huggins, will be hosting a student assembly where I will be performing karaoke live for the students. Students and staff are very excited about the possibility of me turning into…Mrs. Huggins, Karaoke Queen! We hope that all of our students are able to participate in this fun challenge and we see it as a way to inspire them to read during the summer months. Please read the letter below for more information. And, for the record…I look forward to the students achieving this goal and playing Karaoke Queen! Go NES Students!


April 27, 2012

Dear Family,

Today all of the readers at Newell Elementary School participated in a Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge”.  We know that summer can be a season full of learning opportunities or learning losses.   Did you know that students who score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests read almost two million words per year outside of school?  According to Scholastic, that’s more than 200 times more words than a student at the 10th percentile, who reads only 8,000 words outside of school per year. 


To combat “summer slide”, the Newell Elementary School is participating in the Scholastic Summer Challenge, a free reading program dedicated to inspiring kids to read more books this summer.  Now in its fifth year, the Summer Challenge invites kids to log the minutes they spend reading as they Read for the World Record.  The 20 schools with the most minutes logged will receive recognition in the 2013 Scholastic Book of World Records.  Kids can also participate in weekly challenges, earn digital rewards, enter sweepstakes to win fabulous prizes, find great books to read and more! 


In addition to the goal of contributing toward the World Reading Record, our school will be encouraging reading by attempting to beat schoolwide and classroom goals.

Ø  If the students at our school can log 552,000 minutes this summer, Mrs. Huggins has agreed to complete a special challenge that our students have voted on this week!

Ø  The 2011-12 homeroom class logging the most minutes read for each grade level will earn a Breakfast and Books reunion with their teacher and classmates from the 2011-2012 school year  


Here’s how you can help your child to sharp reading strategies:

1.  Use the attached reading log to keep track of the minutes your child reads each day

2.  Log on to using the attached user name and password to

     update the minutes your child reads each week, download summer reading book lists,

     print activity sheets and find expert tips to encourage your reader’s continued growth

3.  Review monthly school email updates to monitor how closely the readers at Newell

     Elementary School are achieving these world, school and class wide goals.


If you have any questions, please email us at or

or visit 


Happy Reading!

Kim Moore                                               Susan Downs