NES~4th Grade Students All The “Buzz” During Scripps Spelling Bee

Select students from Newell Elementary School and Stone Bridge Middle School had friends, family, and staff members sitting on the edge of their seats, myself included, during last night’s 2nd Annual Scripps Spelling Bee. Six Master Spellers from 4th grade represented Newell Elementary School. The accomplished spellers included Jillian Cary, Deven Kinney, MacKenna McLaughlin, Jordan Reid, Arya Singh and Rea Singh. You could feel the excitement in the auditorium and see the intensity and determination on the faces of the twenty-eight competing students.  The evening started out with very simple words to ease students into the competition and then the words got progressively difficult.  This was the first year our 4th grade students participated in the bee and they certainly had the audience buzzing with amazement with how well they preformed. As we approached the 15th round of the spelling bee, NES still had three 4th grade students competing in the bee–impressive! It was during the 16th round that 6th grade student, Julian Tsang took the crown. Congratulations to Julian and to all of the students competing in the bee.


It certainly was a very proud moment for me as the principal of NES. Accomplishments like these don’t happen by chance, but happen because students are inspired, diligent and possess a passion for learning. This inspiration comes from the support of so many, their families, teachers, and from within.   I am so very proud of Jillian Cary, Deven Kinney, MacKenna McLaughlin, Jordan Reid, Arya Singh and Rea Singh–Congratulations! You have made the staff and students of Newell Elementary School very proud!

A special Thank You to Mrs. Suzanne Buchanan from PTA/EQUITY and to Mrs. Schumacher, Gifted and Talented Coordinator for their efforts in making this event possible for the students of NES and SBMS!

Enjoy the photos!

Bee Pix 1.JPG

Bee Pix 2.JPG