Newell ES Celebrates Inclusive Schools Week

The celebration of Inclusive Schools Week offers an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the progress our school community has made in providing a supportive learning environment to all students.    We want to acknowledge, celebrate and show our appreciation for the hard work and commitment of our community in creating inclusive environments.

We celebrated Inclusive Schools Week December 5th through December 9th.  Class discussions and activities were held that focused on the importance of inclusive environments. Some of these class discussions focused on the section of our district mission statement:  “All Learners Welcomed,   Accepted As They Are.” Meaningful discussions were held to highlight this very powerful statement.

Finally, noted below are helpful links that provide resources and information about inclusion. – Inclusive Schools Network – New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education – NJCIE resources – Links to articles about inclusion focusing on ADHD.  – “How does your school include all students with differences?” Poster Contest

 As always I thank you for your continued support in educating all children!  

~Newell Kindergarten Students “SHOW” Thanks~

Our kindergarten students put on a show-stopping event last week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This performance was no ordinary show.  It was filled with a question and answer session for our students to share all that they have learned regarding the First Thanksgiving Feast. Students spoke about the journey the pilgrim’s took in order to establish a better life for their families. Our students also highlighted the toys that the pilgrim children played with and how those toys are very different than the toys they have today. There was also a focus on the importance of giving thanks and being thankful for the special people in our lives as opposed to the special things, like ipods, computers, and computer games.  The show would not be complete without some singing and dancing entertainment, and oh boy, did our kindergarten students sing and dance! Lastly, the students and parents had an opportunity to create some type of craft that directly connected with the unit of study on Thanksgiving.

I truly believe this was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about the First Thanksgiving Feast, but more importantly, an opportunity to remind our children and everyone else about the importance of giving thanks.

Speaking of giving thanks…I would like to take a moment to thank all of our kindergarten teachers who planned this wonderful student/parent event. You did a fantastic job ensuring that our students were fully prepared for the big show and they were! And, thank you for providing our students with meaningful learning opportunities that will last a lifetime.

Below are a few pictures to highlight the show-Enjoy!


Thanksgiving K.JPG 

 Thanksgiving K2.JPG

 Thumbnail image for Thanksgiving K3.JPG