Newell ES Celebrates Week of Respect & Peace Week

During the month of October, the students and staff of Newell ES celebrated two very special weeks; Week of Respect and Peace Week.

The Week of Respect afforded our students the opportunity to learn more about respect and the various ways to show respect towards others. Some teachers incorporated the Week of Respect into their daily lessons by way of posting a special morning message. These messages focused on the meaning of respect and specific examples of how we can be respectful. In addition to the morning messages, some teachers also chose to read, The Sneetches and/or The Zax both by Dr. Seuss. These stories highlighted respect and the idea of being a friend who “includes” others and does not “exclude” others. Both stories focused the student’s attention on three important messages:

·         Peace is getting along.

·         Treat people the way you want to be treated.

·         What you cultivate will grow.

Meaningful class discussions were held surrounding the important messages and students had a chance to share ways to include all children.

Peace Week, also known at the district level as School Violence Awareness Week took place this past week. As the term ‘violence’ is one that is a bit difficult to discuss or explain to many of our younger students, we chose to emphasize peace, the opposite of violence. Such topics as conflict resolution, student diversity and building tolerance were discussed with the students.

By celebrating and highlighting these two important themes, our hope is that children learned more about the importance of respect and acceptance. I believe through the class activities and discussions that we accomplished our goal!


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