Newell Elementary School Walk-a-Thon

Hello to all and welcome to my very first blog, Huggins’ Highlights! The purpose of my blog is to keep parents informed of the many special events and activities that take place at Newell Elementary School. My hope is to highlight one event/activity per week. The first event that I have selected to highlight is our Walk-a-Thon which occurred yesterday (Thursday, October 6th). Please read on to find out more about this special event and take a glance at the pictures at the end of the highlights.


Enjoy Huggins’ Highlights!


Newell Elementary School Walk-a-Thon

On Thursday, October 6th all of the Newell Elementary School students participated in our annual PTA Walk-a-Thon. This event was an opportunity for students to get up, get moving, and get going by walking their little feet off to raise funds to support our PTA programs and our local Allentown Food Pantry. I am happy to report that the weather cooperated with us and all students enjoyed this walk outside with the sun shining down on them!


As you know, the PTA works very hard to provide the elementary school with meaningful student assembly programs that directly connect with our school curriculum. In addition, the PTA also funds special programs like Meet the Artists and Meet the Author which allows students the opportunity to learn more about the arts and how to become a published author. These opportunities truly enhance the children’s educational experiences.  


I want to thank Mr. Nemeth, one of our physical education instructors, the PTA for all of their support with this event, and the parent volunteers who came out to lend a hand. The Walk-a-Thon was a huge success and I believe we raised a substantial amount of funds. I also want to thank the parents and the sponsors who supported our students with this event by offering pledge donations.


I am truly looking forward to meeting with the student who earned Principal for a Day! I have a fun-filled day planned. Stay tuned to hear about the day.


Enjoy some pictures from our Walk-a-Thon!


DSC_0078 (Small).JPG 




DSC_0025 (Small).JPG

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