The Gift of Parent Power

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the end of year
PTA Volunteer Thank You dinner at which parent volunteers and staff members who
had worked with the PTA were recognized for their contributions to both Newell
Elementary School and Stone Bridge Middle School.  As I listened to Ms. Andrea Reynolds, outgoing
PTA President, warmly thank the parent volunteers and describe all that they
had accomplished, I was struck anew by the enormous power of this group.  Once again I realized how much our schools operate
on two levels, the teaching-learning operation and all that that entails run by
district staff, and a whole different level run by parents that works hard to strengthen
the first and enrich its operations.

In the UFRSD, there are close to one hundred active parent
volunteers providing parent power and having significant impact.  In addition to their highly successful
fundraising ventures, these volunteers plan and run a variety of popular enrichment
activities such as Meet the Artist, International Night, and Bingo Night. They
plan class parties, go on field trips, and share their careers and interests as
guest visitors in the classrooms. Because of them, our schools are better,
richer, and happier places to be. All of us, students, staff, parents, and
community members, benefit from their gift of time, generous spirit, and
extraordinary talents.  

Thank you to every parent who volunteered this year.

Thank you to the Members of the Executive Board for
2010-2011 and to outgoing President, Ms. Andrea Reynolds, and,

Congratulations to the new Members of the Executive Board
for 2011-2012 and to Ms. Vanessa De Pompo, the newly-elected  President.

We are grateful for your power!

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