Farewell Newell, Hello Stone Bridge

  photots.JPGFourth graders were honored guests at a special assembly this morning at Stone Bridge Middle School where they were formally transferred from Newell Elementary school to the middle school.  As they arrived in the auditorium, a slide show of their fourth grade year played in the background. Newell’s assistant principal, Ms. Silva, (picture left), greeted the children and highlighted some of the year’s memorable moments, including Hero Day, the birth of the Newell News (our internal weekly newscast), “Not Another Disney Musical”, and, of course, the spring smash, “My Uncle, the Pirate.”  “What I especially liked were those pink eye patches!” said, Ms. Silva.

Following this walk down memory lane, the  fourth grade teachers called out each child’s name as a way of recognizing the students’ completion of K-4 school and their readiness to move on to fifth grade.  Mrs. Huggins, Newell’s elementary principal who is currently on leave, was the surprise guest who spoke warmly to the children about her pride in their accomplishments.  Mr. Guterl, principal at the middle school, accepted a packet of letters from Mrs. Huggins.  The letters, written by the children, will be returned to them four years from now when they will be leaving the middle school on their way to high school. Mr. Guterl welcomed the children to the middle school and told them about the Redbird 4, a set of four values (respect, responsibility, empathy, and integrity) that guides their school.The students were also greeted by Stone Bridge’s guidance counselor, Ms. Bryant. Finally, school superintendent, Dr.Fitzpatrick, reminded them of the excitement of new beginnings and their significance in our lives. Following the assembly, a team of middle school students took the newly-minted fifth graders on a tour of the building,  As it turns out, the most eagerly awaited site on the tour, – the cafeteria!

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