Habitats on Display

For their end of year Celebration of Learning, second graders transported family and friends to other climates and other lands with an astonishing array of projects on different habitats. As visitors moved from one classroom to another, they saw and heard the children talking about the habitats they had studied including rainforests, forests, tundras, grasslands, deserts, oceans, ponds, and mountains. The children showed off dioramas, posters, and fact sheets on their habitat of choice. All second graders did a project, either an individual one or a group one.  In addition, each child wrote a book, “All About . . .”, describing a specific habitat (or animal in that habitat) in detail.  Creating these original books allowed the children to demonstrate what they had learned about non-fiction writing.  Second grade teachers designed this event as a culminating activity integrating two different curriculum areas science (habitats) and language arts (non-fiction writing.) Pictured below are some proud second graders with their projects.



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