Third Graders Host a Poetry Bash

To see the Summer Sky

Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie –

 Emily Dickinson

     photopo1.JPG  On June 7,
third graders in Ms. Barber’s/Ms. Murray’s class and Ms.Walulak’s/Mr. Hosler’s
class participated in a Poetry Bash much to the delight of family and friends
who attended.  In each class, children
took turns sitting on stools in front of their classmates and guests, and reciting
two or three poems, including an original one and a published one of their
choosing. Despite the heat, the children were “cool” doing their recitations
and the audience enjoyed the often humorous and clever poems.  Following the poetry readings, audience and
performers shared some delicious refreshments. 
Clearly, the children enjoyed the opportunity to read poems, listen to
them being read, memorize them, and most of all try their hand at writing
them.  Funds to support this activity in
terms of professional books on children’s poetry and materials including the
poet’s stools were won through a grant the teachers received from the Upper
Freehold Regional Educational Foundation.



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