March is Music in Our Schools Month

To celebrate Music in Our
Schools Month, in addition to preparing some attractive and informative
bulletin board displays, our music teacher, Mr. Paul Sulyok has planned two
exciting events.  


A Music Trivia Contest  (March 14 – Music 18) 
Each class will receive a list of music trivia questions, one set for K-2 and
another set for 3-4.  The class will have
the entire week to research the answers which are due on Monday, March 21.  The prize – the satisfaction of getting the
right answers!


Class Talent Shows (March 28 – April 1) – Students will have a chance to perform for
their classmates during their regular class music period. In first and second
grades, students can share their talents by playing the piano or singing a
song. In third and fourth grades, students can add other acts such as singing
and dancing or playing another instrument that they are studying.   Reminder:  Only those students who bring in a signed
permission slip can perform.  We have
found a parent preview helps assure that each act is acceptable for the

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