Bus Evacuation Drills

Just in case, your child, a “walker”,
tells you that she was on the bus this morning, please note the following:


We conducted bus evacuation
drills this morning for ALL students
in the school.  In the past, these drills
involved only those children who rode the buses daily. Recently, the state
mandated new procedures that require school districts to include all children
in the drills since there are likely to be instances, for example, field trips,
when these children, “the walkers”, will be riding the buses as well.

 For those
children who regularly ride the buses
, the bus
drivers conducted the emergency drill on the buses after they arrived at school
and before discharging the children

 For those
children who do not regularly ride the buses
, a staff member escorted the children by grade to the bus for the

The drills were brief but an
essential and required safety procedure.

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