A Principal’s Life

 Last Friday, as I was walking in the hall, I came upon a
fourth grader rushing just ahead of me putting on his coat.  “Where are you going in such a hurry,” I
asked.  “Out to recess,” he said. “I had
to go back and get my coat”   “Tie your
shoelaces,” I said. “You’re going to trip.” Bending down he quickly tied the
laces and continued ahead. Then just as he approached the door marked Exit, he
turned around and said quite calmly, “Dr. Roche, how’s your day so far?”


That same afternoon, Mrs. Blum took her kindergarten class
to the main office as part of a unit on community and school workers. In
introducing the office staff to the children, she commented that Mrs. West, our school
secretary, who went to this school has been working here a long time.  “How long do you think she’s been here?”
asked, Mrs. Blum.  A hand shot up, “I know,
a thousand years!” a youngster said, proudly.


“Dr. Roche, can you help us?” asked the first grader, as she
and two other little girls walked towards me in the hall. “I hope so,” I
answered, “How can I help?”  With that,
she pointed sadly at one of her companions who slowly opened her mouth, “She
lost her tooth.  We can’t find it. It’s a
little white tooth (pause, right hand in the air, thumb and pointer finger barely touching) with a tiny bit of blood on
it.”  After joining the search for a
respectful period of time, I suggested they return to their class and hope for
the best. Then, I continued down the hall with a big smile on my face. It was
the “tiny bit of blood” that got me.  .



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