And the Nominations Are . . .

Do you know an excellent
teacher?  Has your child experienced an extraordinary
teacher?  Over the years, I am sure that
we can all say “Yes, I know such teachers and they have truly made a
difference.”   Now is the time to
recognize these teachers.

 Currently, there are two opportunities to
recognize excellent teachers

  (1)  Monmouth
County Teacher Recognition Award – Given by Monmouth County

There are no specific
applications for the Monmouth County Award; instead, you are asked to submit
letters of nomination and give them to Mrs. Joan West, our school secretary, in the Main Office. You may simply want to duplicate the application for the
award below and submit it to both entities. More information about this award is on our district website. Nominations for this award can be made by
parents, self, staff, students, and community members.

Due Date: 
Friday, March 11

  (2) The Phoebe Hearst Outstanding Educator Award
– A National PTA Excellence in Education Award – Given by the UFRPTA

 Applications for the Phoebe
Hearst Award will be sent home by our PTA in backpacks this Friday.  They will also be available on our website,
in the Main Office, and given out to parents at the Spring PT Conferences this week.
Nominations should be submitted to the PTA via mailbox or email.  Nominations for this award can be made by
parents only.

 Due Date: Friday, March 25

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We know how busy you are so why
not write one nomination and use it twice!

When the nominations are
collected, will yours be there?



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