May 22, 2014 Book Club Meeting

The last meeting of the 2013-2014 school year was very eventful and a complete success. Once everyone had signed in and jotted down a quick list of must-read book titles (ex: Unwind Series, We are Liars, The Sea of Tranquility, The Raven Boys), the meeting got underway. Jenna Beth, a junior member, gave a presentation on her volunteer project called Hallo-Math, which helps parents teach their young children math easier. If interested, contact Mrs. Van Hise in the fall of 2014. For my senior practicum, I decided to create a “One Star Review” quiz contest made up of lousy reviews of some popular novels for the book club to participate in. Take the quiz here yourself and see how well you’ll do! Also with the summer quickly approaching, some leisurely summer reads are a must. Mrs. Salvatore created a handy book log to keep track of the numerous books you’ll take on this summer! Happy reading!

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