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book coverThe subject of a recently published book entitled, The Death Class: A True Story About Life, Norma Bowe is most widely known as the professor who created the most popular course at Kean University. Her Death in Perspective class, at times, has a three-year waiting list. Yet, she took time from her crazy schedule to honor AHS’ Enthusiastic Readers on April 22nd. She brought inspiration and wisdom from her own life and her students, encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest by helping others. Her mantra, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” was heartfelt and evident in her remarks and in the YouTube video she shared. Thank you again, Dr. Bowe, for your time spent with us, and for being the amazing person that you are. Feel free to leave a comment for Dr. Bowe. She would love to hear from you!

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  1. Chelsea T. says:

    Dr. Bowe, it was such an amazing opportunity to meet you! I have read The Death Class and I loved all of the messages and beliefs that are taught throughout your Death in Perspective course. I wish I had the opportunity to take your class someday because I feel like I would benefit greatly from such an experience. The students that were featured in the book I can relate considerably with and I took a lot from what you taught and am now applying it to my own life. Thank you so much for coming to visit our school and being this year’s Enthusiastic Reader speaker!

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