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Got credible sources?

Not sure if a website is credible? After determining possible sources, use these evaluation tips to help determine your best sources. And don’t forget to use Subscription Databases to further elevate your research results.

American Decades

Welcome, English III. Travel back in time and immerse yourself into America’s rich history by exploring the past. The three main areas to research for this project are a. major historical events, b. science & technology, and c. cultural/social aspects of daily life (fads, slang, entertainment). Learn about the decades by using the boards below, created on Pinterest by senior Chelsea T.

 1920s * 1930s * 1940s * 1950s * 1960s * 1970s * 1980s * 1990s * 2000s * 2010-present

Primary Sources

Need help with primary sources? First of all, you need to know what they are. Primary sources are original documents or objects created by eyewitnesses or participants during an event, study or historical moment, i.e., photographs, speeches, legal decisions, studies, artistic works, diary entries, interviews, or artifacts. They are different than secondary sources that summarize an event or historical moment after the fact or once removed, i.e., newspapers, magazine articles, textbooks, criticisms, encyclopedia entries. Secondly, it is helpful to know where primary sources are located so you can take learning to the next level.  Those who use primary sources often deepen their understanding of a topic by constructing new knowledge as they form reasoned conclusions. Amplify your knowledge base by using primary sources. 🙂