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Thank you, Dr. Bowe…

book coverThe subject of a recently published book entitled, The Death Class: A True Story About Life, Norma Bowe is most widely known as the professor who created the most popular course at Kean University. Her Death in Perspective class, at times, has a three-year waiting list. Yet, she took time from her crazy schedule to honor AHS’ Enthusiastic Readers on April 22nd. She brought inspiration and wisdom from her own life and her students, encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest by helping others. Her mantra, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” was heartfelt and evident in her remarks and in the YouTube video she shared. Thank you again, Dr. Bowe, for your time spent with us, and for being the amazing person that you are. Feel free to leave a comment for Dr. Bowe. She would love to hear from you!

Congrats, Enthusiastic Readers!

IMGP4871You are an amazing group that keeps growing every year, in nominations and enthusiasm!
I am so proud of you all. This pivotal time in your life is when you are “following your personal legend” and realizing that the path to “Type E” (enduring) happiness is not without risk, fear, or hard work. Just like Santiago in The Alchemist, learn HOW to trust your heart, read the omen’s along life’s pathway, and understand that as you look to fulfill your dream, it looks to find you, just the same, if you let it. How reassuring to know that books will always be there, right beside you, every step of the way…Enjoy the pictures from the day, compliments of Louise, Katie, and Chelsea.