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Welcome US II. Today you will have the opportunity to research a historical figure. Using our ebook collection, Facts on File, and print sources, collect evidence to support the question, “How is your historical figure responsible for shaping 20th century America?” Use this evidence as a guide to writing a thesis statement. Remember it’s OK to re-work your thesis statement as you are gathering information in this beginning stage. Don’t forget NoodleTools to help you create your Works Cited page. In addition to this paper, you are required to create a faux Facebook page. Go to the “cloud” to access this template in Google Docs, compliments of teacher Derrick Waddell. Use your research information along with your imagination to have fun with creating wall posts, friends and groups.  Any questions, don’t hestitate to ask. PS Click on the historical figures project to print another assignment sheet if the dog eats your original.:)