Eastern Regional Championships in Debate coming to Stone Bridge!

The English Speaking Union of the United States is hosting the Eastern Regional Championships at Stone Bridge Middle School on April 16th, and the Stone Bridge Middle School Debate team is ready to argue and debate at the tournament.

The tournament – http://www.esuus.org/esu/programs/middle_school_debate/mspdp_esu_championship/ will include teams from New York, Washington, D.C. and New Jersey. COME, WATCH and LISTEN to the outstanding debate skills of student from the east coast, especially our Stone Bridge Debaters led by Mrs. Burek and Mrs. Hoffman.   IMG_1953

​Join us at SB on April 16th for the Eastern Regional Championships.  You will see some amazing debates.​


​So excited to be judging at Nationals at SBMS on April 16th. ​


​No autographs!  Just some amazing debates at the Eastern Regional Championships on April 16th at SB​


​We hope you can join us at SB on April 16th as we compete in Eastern Regional Championships.