UFRSD Achievement Report

Standardized test scores are a snapshot of data that we look at through a microscope to find pieces of information that will help with future decisions. It is important data that gives us a sampling of how our students are doing compared to their statewide/national peers. Each year, I am asked to share those results and our recommendations with the Board of Education.

On Wed., January 6, the UFRSD Achievement Report was presented to the UFRSD BOE (watch videos here: #1, #2, #3). The Achievement Report confirmed that our kids are getting a quality education and are prepared for college when they graduate. The Report includes: PARCC Scores (1st year); ACT Scores; SAT Scores; AP Scores; NJ ASK Science Scores (4th/8th grade only). The Report also shares with us the areas that may need some extra attention and hard work to make things even better for our students.

The link above will bring you to our report. The first part of the report shares the genesis of PARCC testing in NJ and the results of our students taking the PARCC test for the first time.  The PARCC test was taken by 3rd – 11th grade students in the areas of English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and Mathematics. Specifically (for math), in high school, students take Algebra I (taken by some of our 8th grade as well), Geometry or Algebra II.

Following our PARCC scores, we also shared our ACT scores, SAT scores, AP scores and our NJ ASK Science scores for 4th and 8th grade. Below are some quick bullets from the data that highlights some of the information we have received.

  • ELA continues to be a strength; outperforming the State and PARCC participants from across the country. NOTE: With this being the first year of PARCC data, we don’t have comparative scores from the year before for each student.
  • Math scores are less consistent than our ELA scores. Although some are very good (many grade levels scoring above the State and PARCC participants), scores tend to fluctuate throughout the district. A great emphasis on math (see recommendations in the Achievement Report) instruction will be a focus for us. NOTE: With this being the first year of PARCC data, we don’t have comparative scores from the year before for each student.
  • NJ ASK Science scores are above the State and District Factor Group (DFG) in 4th grade and well above the State and DFG for 8th grade.
  • SAT Scores are higher than the State and Nation.
  • ACT Scores are higher than the State and Nation.
  • AP Exams produced fantastic scores, including 68% of all students taking the test scoring a 4 or a 5 on their exams. 88% scored a 3 or better.

As we do with all scores, we are happy about scores that reaffirm our efforts, and we become even more dedicated to support those areas that may need some extra attention.

I always tell people that a district is not defined by their test scores – good or bad. Districts are defined by (just to name a few)…

  • …the day in and day out education that our kids have inside their classrooms.
  • …the rigor, relevance and positive relationships our students experience during school.
  • …the talent of our teachers and students that blend together to make it special for everyone.
  • …the motivation we all have to get better each and every day.

We continue to look for ways to improve the  educational experience for our kids and to challenge ourselves and our students to be the best at what we do.

We should be receiving another round of PARCC test scores soon  (end of January) that may give us even more detailed data. We’ll share when we get them.