Understanding Our Digital Footprint

Understanding our digital footprint and sharing apps that all parents should know about was the focus of a recent conversation with parents at Stone Bridge Middle School; a topic of the utmost importance for our kids and our parents. Our presentation – 1:1 Parent Night Presentation – focused on identifying some things that parents should be aware of when relating to their kids’ devices.

As we continue to develop as a country technologically, the more we need to prepare our kids. I am in awe of technology; and, myself, an enormous fan and user of it. I am a firm believer that kids need to have a model of what good use looks like. Whether it is a Facebook page, Twitter post or Instagram account, we need to model what good digital citizenship is for our kids.

In our district, we use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and other social media tools to celebrate our kids and share various messages. Another benefit is modeling what appropriate and valued social media use looks like. I hope that our kids can understand the power that they hold in their hands – a power that can do many great things, but also one that can be hurtful and harmful.

In the late winter, we hope to have another in our series of conversations with parents. Come and join us when the date is announced!

Congratulations FFA!

The Allentown FFA participated in the National FFA Convention and Expo October 27-October 31 in Louisville, Kentucky. We are pleased to announce the following results!

Milk Quality and Products CDE Team- placed Bronze as a team- members were required to evaluate various dairy products, including cheese and milk samples, as well as perform and evaluate laboratory results for a dairy operation.
Matthew Gold- Silver Individual 
Madison Lofgren- Silver Individual
Joanna Ricci- Silver Individual 
Meredith Dauphars- Bronze Individual 
Marketing Plan CDE Team- placed Bronze as a team- members were required to develop a marketing plan for a local business and then present their findings in a written and oral presentation.
Jeremy Posluszny
Aluxus Brown
Hall of States- the team developed a display to showcase New Jersey, including agricultural commodities and other highlights of the state. They presented their display in the Hall of States at the National FFA Career Expo.
Renee Stillwell
Mary McDermott
Morgan LoSacco 
National Chapter- the Allentown FFA was recognized on the national stage for being ranked as a 3-Star, Gold Chapter. This distinction is given to approximately 250 of the 7655 Chapters nationwide.
American FFA Degree- this is the highest degree awarded to members. This degree is awarded to members who have met eligibility requirements, including post-secondary activities, develop of a solid supervised agricultural experience, and was an active member of their local chapter.
Grayson Asprocolas (2014)
James Asprocolas (2013)
Jenna Pinhas (2014)
For information about the convention, visit https://www.ffa.org/events/conventionandexpo/highlights. The members represented Allentown High School very well! Thank you for your support throughout the year which enables our chapter to continue our success!