Finding the JOY!

As we begin the 2015-2016 school year, we are more than ecstatic about the potential that this school year brings to UFRSD. Our goal is to make this the best year ever in our district.

At our opening staff gathering for the entire district,  I spoke about the need for JOY in our classrooms. The overall message was based on a TED talk by Dean Shareski. We have so many things going on in education today that are measured, data focused,  and standardized, but what we mustn’t forget is the power of JOY in our classrooms. Doug Lemov in Teach Like a Champion refers to it as the “J-Factor.” Joyful classrooms help to facilitate harder working and higher achieving students. Teachers have the ability to bring JOY to our kids every day. As an example, look at what Robin Williams character does in Patch Adams:

As teachers, we will do whatever we can to share and pass on JOY to our kids with the very firm belief that JOY in classrooms only improves learning.

As we continue to talk about how we are improving our academic choices, the plan for expanding our 1:1 initiative, our focus on assessments and the strong desire to do whatever we can to support our students, we will remind ourselves of our goal to bring JOY to our kids throughout the year.

Looking forward to week 2 on Tuesday.