Good Luck Class of 2015

The student whispered, “You are the best Principal I could ever have.” An emotional moment for Mrs. Embley as she gave a good-bye hug to one remarkable senior. A moment, one of many moments, that truly demonstrates the love and care that exists within UFRSD.

As we venture into the summer months, these last few weeks of school are always (and have always been) a very emotional time for many. Teachers and administrators want to speak to as many students as possible to let them know that there will always be a place for our kids in the UFRSD…whenever they need us. Additionally, students are beginning to realize that middle school and high school don’t last forever.

I’m in awe seeing students that graduated from 8th grade four short years ago getting scholarships, sharing college acceptances, getting drafted by the Phillies and receiving academic awards. Notre Dame, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, The Naval Academy, TCNJ, Richmond…! I can’t believe they are already heading to college.

The reality is…we love our students. We are so proud of them, and we are immensely amazed at their accomplishments. As graduations get closer and closer, I hope they know how much they mean to us and how hopeful we are that they will continue to check in with us over the next few years. Most importantly, we expect them to be  successful AND happy.

Best of luck, Class of 2015. Carpe Diem.