An Example of Summer Work

There are so many terrific examples of passion and energy displayed over the summer. Teachers throughout the district are looking for ways to fine-tune their craft, writing curriculum, attending PD workshops and meeting with colleagues to talk about kids, needs and hopes/dreams.

In April, we presented to the BOE our efforts to bring more STEM activities to all three schools in the UFRSD. Recently I received an email from Mr. Yorinks (Stone Bridge) about some new coding opportunities for kids.

Not only is sharing this email meant to get kids excited about what his happening, but it is also an example of the work that teachers are doing throughout the summer months. Enjoy.

Mr. Yorinks email:

…I thought you might get a giggle out of this article on a Rubik’s Cube solver. The cost for the electronics is under $50.00. If I have time this summer I may try and build one.

   Lastly, I am making great progress on putting together lesson plans for the 3D JavaScript Programming Club for SBMS. Here is a quick outline of the first few topics (many more to come):

  1. Creating a 3D Sphere
  2. Creating a 3D Cube and Learning About JavaScript Variables
  3. Creating a 3D Cylinder and Adapting the Cylinder to Make Cones, Pyramids and Other Shapes.
  4. Create a Plane (2D Object), Understanding JavaScript Functions and How To Add Comments in the Code
  5. Create a Chunky, Funky Donut using the 3D Torus
  6. Animate All of These Shapes to Spin on the Screen

Here (link deleted) is a link to what the students will see on their screen when these are complete. If you click on the HIDE CODE button, you can see the shapes without the code.

I will be gently and slowly introducing the students to generating the code so I think all that “scary” looking code will not be intimidating (at least that is the goal).

After the shapes, we will create an avatar, and will animate the avatar to move through a forest. After that we will move to more advanced 3D graphics topics. I am having a blast with this. 

I am also developing a new set of club lesson plans for the Scratch club. It is a busy, but fun summer.