STEM in the UFRSD! What’s happening now and soon?

Recently, Bob Tackett and I gave a presentation to the UFRSD and Millstone BOE’s about STEM at AHS  (the UFRSD presentation focused on all schools). Bob, Amy Wojciechowski and I wanted to share some of the new things that the UFRSD is doing related to STEM. There is much more out there, and we are continuing to adjust, enhance and create STEM opportunities for kids.

The link to our Prezi is .

Additionally, here is a video (created by Google) that is attempting to get more girls involved and excited about STEM.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Common Core Resources

I thought it would be a good idea to post some resources for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), so that the community would have access to the information.

Common Core Prezi:

PARCC Prezi:

These are great sites and links that focus on the what and how of the CCSS:

“Five Words” Project – Digital Photography

A few years back, UFRSD started a Digital Photography elective for 8th graders. Mrs. Moots was the driving force behind the class. Students learned everything about cameras, to lens, exposure, shutter speed, characteristics of good photography, etc… The class continues. Motivated and interested students love the class, because it is relevant and meaningful.

One of my favorite projects is the “Five Words” project. It is used as the culminating project for the semester class. Students (using a word bank of 15 words) pick five of the 15 words and use that word as a theme for the pictures. Afterwards, students explain what effects they have used on each picture. Below are just a few examples of the excellent skills they have gained from this class.

AF 5 words

SFV five words

5 words DMJ

5 wordsJAR

Five Words SBC

FMB Five Words

MJV Five Words

PAS 5 Words

SKW Five Words

ss five words