AHS Choir Trip to DC / Baltimore – HUGE SUCCESS!

This past week/weekend, Mrs. Embley accompanied the AHS Choir and Half and Half to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. where they were scheduled to perform. Mrs. Embley said the kids were fantastic in every sense of the word. Below is part of her summary of the trip.
        We had a wonderful trip.  The students sang beautifully in Maryland where they received a huge trophy, earning a gold medal for Half and Half and a silver medal for the choir.  They also sang on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.  When they sang God Bless America, everyone just stopped.  It was an emotional moment. 
     The three days were packed with adventures, singing and fun.  After lunch in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, we went to sing at The Cathedral of St. Matthew, home for the Maryland State Boychoir.  This was a beautiful church built in the 1800’s.  The students performed and were adjudicated by the Director of the Boychoir, Stephen Holmes.  
     Friday we were up and out early and on our way to DC.  We had a tour guide and the students got to see:  The White House, The Capital, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial.  We had lunch at Union Station and then went to sing at the Jefferson Memorial.  
   It was a pleasure being with your children.  They were polite, well behaved, on time, appreciative and so much fun to be with.  You have all done a wonderful job raising them! 
     I want to thank Megan (Wolff) for all she did to make this trip such a success and to thank Nicole Machin and Emmalynn Raynor for their help in chaperoning.
Along with Mrs. Embley’s pride, we are immensely proud of our AHS students.AHS Choir pic1

Day of Learning – Project Lead the Way at AHS

I was in awe of the AHS students who presented their PLTW projects. Students had to design and build something that helped people (who typically weren’t able to) pick things up. With a budget of about $2.50, this was truly a challenge. As mentioned in a previous post, AHS kids took 5th place out of about 15 schools in the State. Below is a video of their device performing one of the more challenging actions…picking up a penny.


April 4, 2014 – Lots happening…

I am constantly reminded how amazing it is to work in such a wonderful school district. Here was a snapshot of my day!

I was able to sit in on Ms. Raynor’s Economic’s class at AHS this morning. Loved hearing “the Great Walmart Debate” from our students. Terrific points were made and valid arguments shared. Very impressive.

Did you hear that our PLTW (Project Lead the Way) team placed 5th in NJ? They took part in the “Helping Hands” Design Challenge at Rowan University! IMG_20140320_141330

In NES, Mr. Rowley spoke to Mrs. Nielsen’s Kindergarten class to share some more skills that focused on empathy and being aware of other’s feelings. Helping kids to see the power of there actions and a continued message from Rachel’s Challenge.


On Wednesday, I visited Ms. Usignol’s 3rd grade Biography Cafe. Kids were fantastic and really knew their information beyond basic questions. Parents and guest loved it. Well done!