AHS Engineering!

 Yesterday the AHS Project Lead The Way Introduction to Engineering Design students competed in a “Helping Hands” competition at Rowan University.  They were tasked with designing a device that a disabled person bound to his/her chair could use to pick up regular household items from the floor.  Their design was very well thought out and it picked up all the items the testing panel placed on the floor.  The team placed 5th out of 15 teams, which is quite a task considering we were the only comprehensive high school to receive an award.
Please congratulate the following students when you see them.
Will Sjaastad
Michael Fritsky
Christian Bressi
Jack Giglia
Mitchell Lamb

March 12, 2014 – A little Shakespeare anyone?

Thanks to the wonderful PTA, the SBMS students got to experience and take part in a performance of Shakespeare today.  A group from Young Audiences NJ came to help open the eyes of SBMS students to the world of Shakespeare. Here’s a 30 second video clip of a piece of the famous, “Friends, Romans and Countrymen…” speech from Julius Caesar (written by Shakespeare).

Click on this link: shakespeare

Day of Learning – March 7, 2014


Students at NES work with Mrs. Downs, focusing on literacy.


Our new map at SBMS, chosen by last year’s Geography Club, highlights global time zones. The map is being used for instruction and to bring increased global awareness to our kids.


Freshman in Ms. Robinson’s English I class peer edit creative writing pieces.


6th graders in Mr. Reed’s science class are looking up weather patterns during class.


8th graders work on independent research projects.

3,7,142AHS juniors, in Ms. Thompson’s US History II class, taking part in a conversation about the Gilded Age and Boss Tweed.

March 5 – Honoring State Champions

Last night, at our BOE meeting, the AHS State Champion Boys Soccer Team was honored for their Group III State Championship. They had an unbelievable season. All of UFRSD is proud of them. A plaque in their honor will be hung in the halls of AHS forever!


Coach Andrew Plunkett, Mrs. Embley (AHS Principal), Dr. Fitzpatrick and Bob Tackett (assistant coach) give honors to the team.


Group III State Champions!

Thoughts on Shrek

Wow!….Few other words can describe the feeling I had watching our kids perform in Shrek: The Musical this past weekend. There isn’t a day that goes by where a student doesn’t amaze me. This past weekend, an entire cast mesmerized me. Shrek was unbelievable.

I brought my 4 year old daughter to see the play. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to sit through and entire play. I am happy to say that she didn’t want to leave!!!! We spent our day (Sunday) listening to all of the songs (thanks to iTunes). Not only did my daughter love the play, but it also touched her. She has a newly discovered love for plays, and now wants to go see it on Broadway!

I have to say “BRAVO!” to the entire cast and crew of Shrek. It was so nice to see students who had performed years earlier on the SBMS stage, continue to share their talents on the AHS stage. Additional thanks goes to Mrs. Machin, Ms. Wolff and Mr. Nicholas for their exceptional work pushing our kids to be mesmerizing!

Pics from 2/28/14 – Lots happening at NES!


2nd graders from Ms. Hutchison’s class watch their 4th grade buddies form Mrs. Potash’s class present their C.A.R.E.S. presentations.


Mr. Sulyok works his magic with a group of 1st graders.


NES students in the Mindful Missions programs display their presentations about space. Thanks Mrs. Schumacher for putting it together.